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Equipment Guide

Equipment Guide
The Burgle Cats Guide

In The Burgle Cats, you’ll manage a crew of burglar cats. You’ll have access to a variety of cats, each with their own rarity, stats, and skills. Aside from having a crew of well-trained and skilled cat burglars, you’ll also need to consider their individual gears. In this page, we’ll cover the outfits and accessories of your cats and how they can help increase your chances of completing heists successfully.

How to View Cat’s Equipment

To view a cat’s equipment, do the following:
1. From the main screen, tap Select Cats
2. Choose the cat you want to check.
3. Then tap Equipment slots to select the outfit or accessory.

Each cat can have one outfit and one accessory. These equipment pieces will vary in rarity and stat boosts. Outfits can increase cat’s raw willpower or agility (affects the horizontal or vertical speed movement) while Accessories can increase both stats but with a percentage value. Take note that without Outfits equipped, Accessories will have no effect.
Equipment Guide

Alternatively, you can also change your burglar cat crew’s equipment (or let the system automatically equip them) before deploying them to a Burgle Battle.
Equipment Guide

How to get New Equipment

You can get new outfits and accessories from Treasure Chests obtained from successful Burgle Battles or purchased from the Cat Market. The quality of the treasure chest does not guarantee that you’ll get an outfit or accessory of the same rarity. However, higher rarity chests have a higher chance of giving you rarer-quality equipment.

How to Upgrade Equipment

Like traps and cats, your equipment will gain EXP by getting a copy of it. Once the equipment’s EXP gauge is filled, open the Equip window (see above) and select the equipment with a full, green EXP gauge and an up arrow. Pay the required amount of gold to complete the upgrade. This will give the equipment a permanent stat boost. It’s quite important to keep your crew’s equipment updated to increase their survivability and chances of success. Avoid wasting gold in upgrading equipment that you won’t use.
Equipment Guide

Premium Skins

This is applicable to Premium Outfits and Premium Accessories. These are effective against certain types of traps. During a heist where a premium skin is equipped, the effects of the Trap Type corresponding to the displayed icon will be reduced. If you own a Premium Skin, you can visit the details screen of the Equipment screen then tap the change button in the bottom left to activate the Premium Skills.

You can only use a Premium Skin if you have acquired the base equipment for that skin. The willpower and agility values of Premium Skins are the same as the base skin they’re derived from. Furthermore, Premium Skins can’t be collected from Treasure Chests. You can buy them from the Cat Market, in the Friends tab for 500 Friend Points.
Equipment Guide

That concludes our quick Equipment guide for The Burgle Cats. For more helpful tips and tricks about Burgle Cats, please check out our other helpful tips in this guide.

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