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Cat Burglar Guide

Cat Burglar Guide
The Burgle Cats Guide

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In The Burgle Cats, you manage a crew of burglar cats. You’ll have access to a variety of cats, each with their own rarity, stats, and skills. Ultimately, assembling a reliable team of high-rarity, skilled cats will help improve your success rate for your heists. In this page, we will discuss the basics of managing your individual cats.

Cat Burglar Stats

For cats deployed in the manor, you can tap on them then select Info. Similarly, you can use the Select Cats function and tap the cat’s portrait to view the same stat screen. On the cat’s stats screen, you’ll see the cat’s stats and skill, as well as the option to change their outfits and accessories.
Cat Burglar Guide

Here are what the different stats mean:
This value is added to the heist crew’s total Willpower. The higher the willpower, the longer your crew can stay in another player’s manor and the more traps they can endure. This value can be further increased by outfits, accessories, and getting the Cat God’s Miracle “Better Teamwork”.
This value indicates the cat’s movement speed when moving into different rooms horizontally or vertically. This value can be further increased by outfits and accessories.
This is the amount of gold you can get when you deploy this cat to your manor and have it perform a Swiping after feeding it.
This indicates the amount of snacks needed by the cat to Swipe gold. Their preferred snack will have a heart icon and will consume more of that snack compared to the other two snack types.

When deploying cats on your manor, try balancing things out since you can’t have multiple cats having a heavy appetite for the same snack. This will allow your factories to keep up their production to meet up the food demands of your cats.

Leveling up your cats

The only way to level up your cats is by getting their duplicate copy via the Cat Hunter. That way, you’ll be able to overcome their level cap and increase their level. Higher levels allows the cat to activate Skills with lesser SP and increase the amount of gold they can earn by Swiping.

That concludes our quick guide about managing your individual cats in the game. For more helpful tips and tricks about Burgle Cats, please check out our other helpful tips in this guide.

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