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Cat Market Guide

Cat Market Guide
The Burgle Cats Guide

Like many other mobile games, The Burgle Cats also has an in-game market where you can buy various items using in-game currency or real money. Thankfully, the game does not gatekeep its content with ridiculous microtransactions. F2P players can enjoy the game and even use the market as needed. In this page, we will cover the game’s market and what items you should consider getting.

Reminder: These are optional purchases and should be considered only when you have the financial capacity or just want to support the developers.

The Cat Market is accessible from the main menu (manor). The Cat Market is divided into several tabs.
Cat Market Guide


The items displayed on this tab can only be purchased using Friend Points. You can earn this by doing Coop battles with your friends. But first, you have to add friends first! (Please refer to our Friend System Guide and Coop Battle guide for more information) The items in this section also have a monthly stock limit; once you’ve purchased all the available stocks, you’ll need to wait for the monthly reset to kick in for the items to restock.


In this tab, you can purchase Super Rare and Uber Rare Outfit Chests or Trap Chests using Cat Food. Take note that the contents of these chests are also generated randomly so it’s even possible for you to get lower-quality items even from Uber Rare chests.

Cat Food

Cat Food is the premium currency of the game. While you can get them by completing missions, this tab allows you to spend real-life money to purchase several cat food at once. There’s a “free” Cat Food promo but it seems that you’ll have to order some real-life products first before you can redeem this “free” Cat Food.

Personally, we suggest avoiding purchasing cat food at all especially if you’re not playing the game heavily. Just play the game regularly/daily, complete missions, and don’t carelessly spend the free cat food you collect from doing in-game tasks.


Gold is used primarily for upgrading your traps, facilities, outfits, accessories, etc. You can also use gold to buy items from the Daily tab in the Cat Market. Gold can be hard to come by especially when you’re actively upgrading your crew so buying them from the Cat Market can be a life-saver sometimes. In this tab, you can exchange Cat Food to buy a considerable amount of gold.


This tab is restocked daily as part of the game’s daily reset (12AM GMT+8). There’s a random free item that you can claim daily then you can use Gold to purchase traps and outfits. Even F2P (free-to-play) players should regularly check out this shop.

While the outfit selection is not spectacular, the traps are what you should prioritize getting if you can afford them. Duplicate copies can fill up the EXP gauge of the traps and allow you to level them up once their EXP gauge is filled.


This tab features limited packs that can only be purchased using real money. The packs have varying contents so if you’ve decided to purchase anything, make sure to examine the contents before confirming your purchase.

That concludes our quick guide about the in-game shop called Cat Market. For more helpful tips and tricks about The Burgle Cats, please check out our other helpful tips in this guide.

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