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Burgle Cat Skills

Burgle Cat Skills
The Burgle Cats Guide

In The Burgle Cats, you manage a crew of burglar cats. You’ll have access to a variety of cats, each with their own rarity, stats, and skills. Some cats have their own skills with varying beneficial effects that help your crew with their heists. There are skills for dealing with guard doges, resisting willpower damage from traps, and even scouting the nearby rooms for vaults and traps. In this page, we will discuss the different skills available to certain cats.

What are Cat Skills

These skills or abilities will give your crew the advantage and increase your chances of successfully looting a manor. The cat’s skill can be seen when viewing the cat’s individual info/stat screens. These skills can’t be removed or transferred; however, they can still be leveled up to lower the SP cost for activation.
Burgle Cat Skills

To use a skill on the field, you’ll need to get enough SP first. This is earned automatically as you explore rooms. Once you have enough, you can activate the skill by pressing the button on the lower-right corner once it lights up and with the word “Ready” visible on it.
Burgle Cat Skills

How to Level Up Cat Skills

The skill is tied to the cat carrying it. So the only way to increase the skill’s level is by getting the duplicate copy of that same exact cat. Leveling up a skill will lower the SP cost needed to use it.

It is also worth noting that the stats of many skills will vary depending on the rarity of the cat. Basically, the higher the rarity of the skill owner, the more potent the skill will be. For example, the skill Open Sesame (x% chance to open a closed shutter), if the skill’s owner is a normal cat, the chance to open is 40%. However, if you’re using an uber-rare cat with the same skill, that chance to open is at 100%.

Skill List

Skill Name
SP Cost
Alarm Clock
Set a false alarm that will create noise to X adjacent rooms after a short delay.
N: 1 Room / R: 2 Rooms / SR: 3 Rooms / UR: 4 Rooms
Reduces willpower damage by x%
N: 5% / R: 10% / SR: 15% / UR: 20%
Artful Dodger
100% chance to prevent willpower damage from traps for X seconds
N: 3s / R: 5s / SR: 7s / UR: 9s
Endless Appetite
Reveal x random factory rooms in the map.
N: 2 rooms / R: 3 rooms / SR: 4 rooms / UR: 5 rooms
X% chance to identify a Fake Vault.
N: 35% / R: 45% / SR: 55%
Reveals the general direction of the nearest vault for X seconds. (regardless if real or fake)
N: 3s / R: 5s / SR: 7s / UR: 9s
Disguise Kit
The cat disguises like a guard doge for X seconds. (can’t be arrested)
N: 5s / R:6s / SR: 7s / UR: 8s
X% improvement to vertical movement speed.
N: 5% / R: 10% / SR: 15% / UR: 20%
Take a peek into a nearby room.
Higher rarity, longer range.
X% chance to avoid generating noise when moving up or down.
N: 60% / R: 70% / SR: 80% / UR: 90%
Heals X% amount of willpower. Has (Y%) chance of curing status ailments.
N: 2% (70%) / R: 3% (80%) / SR: 4% (90%) / UR: 5% (90%)
Open Sesame
X% Chance to open a closed shutter.
N: 40% / R: 60% / SR: 80% / UR: 100%
X% improvement to horizontal movement speed.
N: 5% / R: 10% / SR: 15% / UR: 20%
Trap Sense (All)
X% chance to reveal all traps inside all rooms surrounding the cat’s current room.
N: 40% / R: 60% / SR: 80% / UR: 100%
Trap Sense (Vertical)
X% chance to reveal all traps inside all rooms above or below you.
N: 40% / R: 60% / SR: 80% / UR: 100%
Trap Sense (Horizontal)
X% chance to reveal all traps inside all rooms along the current floor.
N: 40% / R: 60% / SR: 80% / UR: 100%
Puts Guard Doges to sleep. Does not affect already sleeping doges.
Area of effect increases based on skill owner’s rarity.
Bionic Ears
Shows the movement of guard doges in the mini-map for X seconds (does not display sleeping doge locations)
Duration increases based on the skill owner’s rarity.
Doge Sense
Shows the Guard Doge patrols in X rooms in the mini-map.
N: 1 rooms / R: 2 rooms / SR: 3 rooms / UR: 4 rooms
Status Block
Blocks negative status effects x% of the time.
UR: 100%

Here are some of the most useful skills in the game.
* Clairvoyant: Reveals the direction of a nearby vault for a few seconds. However, this can also point the player to a fake vault so it’s best used after triggering the fake vaults.
* Open Sesame: X% Chance to open a closed shutter. Very useful during the escape phase since you can take the safest route even if the shutter there is closed.
* Trap Sense (All): Reveals traps in all rooms around you.
* Sharp-Eyed: Get x% chance to detect a Fake Vault. Best activated before opening a vault.
* Mesmerizing: Guard Doges are mesmerized to sleep. The area of effect increases with higher rarity.

That concludes our quick guide about Cat Skills. For more helpful tips and tricks about Burgle Cats, please check out our other helpful tips in this guide.

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