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The Burgle Cats Cheats and Tips

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The Burgle Cats Walkthrough

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Coop Battle Guide
Coop Battle Guide
The Burgle Cats basically require you to burglarize other players’ manors in order to progress in the game - which is some form of passive PvP. ..
Friend System Guide
Friend System Guide
The Burgle Cats basically require you to burglarize other players’ manors in order to progress in the game - which is some form of passive PvP. ..
Cat God’s Shrine
Cat God’s Shrine
In The Burgle Cats, the Cat God’s shrine is a permanent, indestructible facility that provides various beneficial effects to the player through the ..
Cat Market Guide
Cat Market Guide
Like many other mobile games, The Burgle Cats also has an in-game market where you can buy various items using in-game currency or real money. ..
Burgle Cat Skills
Burgle Cat Skills
In The Burgle Cats, you manage a crew of burglar cats. You’ll have access to a variety of cats, each with their own rarity, stats, and skills. Some ..

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The Burgle Cats FAQs

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How can I transfer my save to another device?

You'll need to secure your Transfer Code then use that code on the new device to transfer your game progress. More information about that progress in this link:

What are the best skills in the game?

Here are some of the most useful skills in the game: * Clairvoyant: Reveals the direction of a nearby vault for a few seconds. However, this can also point the player to a fake vault so it's best used after triggering the fake vaults. * Open Sesame: X% Chance to open a closed shutter. * Trap Sense (All): Reveals traps in all rooms around you. * Sharp-Eyed: Get x% chance to detect a Fake Vault. Best activated before opening a vault. * Mesmerizing: Guard Doges are mesmerized to sleep. The area of effect increases with higher rarity.

How can I change my Manor's Name?

Your manor's name is also your username in the game. To change it, do the following: 1. Tap the arrow on the left side of the home screen to display the Main Menu. 2. Next, tap Settings 3. In the next window, tap the pencil icon to edit the username.

Can I add friends using their name?

You can only add friends using their unique 12-character Friend ID since players can freely change their user name (manor name) at least once every 30 days.

Can I get Friend Points without adding friends?

FP can only be obtained during Coop Battles so adding friends and playing coop battles is pretty much required to get FP.

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The Burgle Cats Reviews

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Perfect Puzzle Game! (I have Grand Piratewear and Heros Garments)

5.0 / 5.0

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