The Burgle Cats

The Burgle Cats

Version: 1.5.6 | In-Game Purchases

The Battle Cats take on a new challenge as... Cat Burglars?!
Infiltrate the enemy mansion and snatch as much treasure as you can in a wild feline heists!

★ Join the Epic Burgle Battle!
Gather a crew of five Burglars and sneak through your opponent's Manor, evading deadly traps and stealing glorious loot!

★ Build a Mighty Crew of Thieves!
Use the loot you steal to upgrade your Cats! Earn more abilities and unlock new equipment!

★ Go Head-to-Head Against Other Cat Burglars!
Defend your own Manor from other players by making it a deadly maze of ingenious traps! Repel invaders and protect your loot!

Easy to learn, just pick up and play! Recommended for all ages!
Master the art of the thief and earn your place among the ranks of the Burgle Cat Legends!

Presented by PONOS
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Good game, can be frustrating at times though.
4.6 / 5.0

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