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Cat Selection Guide

Cat Selection Guide
The Burgle Cats Guide

In The Burgle Cats, you manage a crew of burglar cats. You’ll have access to a variety of cats, each with their own rarity, stats, and skills. Ultimately, assembling a reliable team of high-rarity, skilled cats will help improve your success rate for your heists. In this page, we will discuss the Cat Selection system, which is a feature that will allow you to manage the deployment of your cats.

Manor Deployment

You can deploy cats to roam your manor by tapping the Select Cats icon in the lower-right corner of the Manor screen. You can put 6 cats (initially) to roam around the manor. You can further increase this capacity by getting the Cat God Miracle called “Barracks Expansion”. Deployed cats don’t help with security but they can become a passive source of gold through Swiping (see below)
Cat Selection Guide


Every 3 hours, the cats deployed in your manor will go hungry. Feed these hungry cats for them to steal a small amount of gold from somewhere. This feature alone allows you to earn some passive gold income even when you’re not actively burglarizing other people’s manors.
Cat Selection Guide

The cats you have deployed will have a Swipe value (see below) which represents the amount of gold they can get you whenever you feed them. In return, they’ll also have the stats for the amount of snacks they consume. You can permanently increase the amount of gold your cats can swipe by getting the Cat God Miracle called “Greedy Swipe”.
Cat Selection Guide

Since your cats will eat every 3 hours, try to balance things out since you don’t have multiple cats having a heavy appetite for the same snack. This will allow your factories to keep up their production to meet up the food demands of your cats.

Heist Team Deployment

To select the five cats you can bring in heists, tap the Burgle Battle icon in the lower-right corner of the main menu then tap Select Cats.
Cat Selection Guide

From there, you can arrange your main crew. Try to bring crew members with a variety of skills. Normally, high-rarity cats will have better stats and skills so including them in your invasion team will help a lot. After choosing your cats, go back to the previous screen and don’t forget to use the Auto-Set Outfits button to automatically equip the best equipment possible to the cats. You can also manually change their outfit and accessories by tapping the Change button under each individual cat.
Cat Selection Guide

That concludes our quick guide about the basics of deploying your cats to your manor or active team. For more helpful tips and tricks about Burgle Cats, please check out our other helpful tips in this guide.

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