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Manor Guide

Manor Guide
The Burgle Cats Guide

In The Burgle Cats, your manor serves as your crew’s base of operations and will have various facilities to help you and your crew to climb through the Burgle League ranks. Your manor can also be targeted by players so aside from managing your facilities, you’ll have to continuously and regularly improve your manor security. In this page, we will discuss the basic functions of your Manor.

Manor Overview

As mentioned above, your manor is your base of operations. Here, you can access various shortcuts. These are all simple and straightforward so you won’t get confused with the interface. To access the game’s main menu, you must tap the yellow arrow on the left side of the manor screen.
Manor Guide

From there, you can see the following:

Burgle League
Tapping this option will display the unlockable traps and outfits in every league tier. You can also see the points you need to collect to reach the next tier, the preview of the next unlockable manor design, and the traps and outfits you have collected or yet to collect. However, the traps and outfits of higher tiers won’t be displayed.
Manor Guide

Your User Rank (seen in your profile or the manor’s name on the upper-left corner of the main screen) is determined by the total level of your traps and equipment. You can get special rewards upon reaching certain user ranks. Access your Profile screen to view upcoming rewards and collect the rewards you already unlocked. Additionally, limited Rank Up Sales will become available when reaching a new rank tier.

Heist Records
This screen will display the most recent 20 burglary attempts on your manor as well as the last 20 burglar battles you did against another player. If there are really “fresh” burglary attempts on record, you can even watch a video of how the invading player managed to bypass your traps or found your treasure. You can use that information to reposition your traps and vaults, improve, or even change your traps. When you change the layout or the actual traps, the replay videos will be deleted!
Manor Guide

The game has a total of 94 cats of varying rarity. This screen will show you all the cats you have acquired. Tap on the cat to view its detail and even change its outfit.
Manor Guide

Here you can find the basic settings of the game. There’s nothing much to adjust here but at least you can find the helpful in-game tutorial, an Inquiry button to send a message to the developers, and more importantly, a Transfer Code generator that will be required if you want to transfer your progress/saved data on another device.


These are tasks that will give you a lot of useful rewards like gold, Cat Tickets, Cat Food, and more. These are divided into three types: Normal, Daily, and Limited.
* Normal missions are acquired one time and can be completed at any time since they don’t have a time limit.
* Daily Missions are repeatable and can be collected daily. These missions will be refreshed as part of the game’s daily reset (12AM GMT+8). Make sure to claim your rewards before the daily reset rolls in; otherwise, unclaimed rewards will be lost forever.
* Limited Missions are only available for a limited period. Once the period is over, the mission will be removed from the list.
Manor Guide


Your cats will get hungry over time. Each of your cats will consume all three kinds of snacks but the difference will be the amount. (Some cats will eat more burgers, or get more drinks for example)
Manor Guide

Don’t worry though since your manor will have the necessary facilities to automatically produce food over time. These Factories will produce snacks over time and must be collected to fill your snack gauge on the top of the screen. You have three types of snacks: Burger, Fries, and Drinks. You have a total of 9 snack factories in your manor, 3 for each type of snacks.

Each factory can only hold a maximum amount of snacks. If no snacks have been collected for 6 hours, the factory will be full and will stop producing further snacks. You can increase the storage capacity of each factory by upgrading them. However, you’ll need to remove the level cap first through the Cat God Miracle called “Pantry Expansion”.

In addition, you can also get another Cat God Miracle called “Factory Production”. This upgrade increases your Snack Production and Max Factory Level.
Manor Guide

Cat Deployment

You can deploy cats by tapping the Select Cats icon in the lower-right corner of the Manor screen. You can put 6 cats (initially) to roam around the manor. You can further increase this capacity by getting the Cat God Miracle called “Barracks Expansion”.
Manor Guide

The cats you have deployed will have a Swipe value (see below) which represents the amount of gold they can get you whenever you feed them. In return, they’ll also have the stats for the amount of snacks they consume. You can permanently increase the amount of gold your cats can swipe by getting the Cat God Miracle called “Greedy Swipe”.
Manor Guide

As much as possible, you have to balance things out since you don’t have multiple cats having a heavy appetite for the same snack. This will allow your factories to keep up their production to meet up the food demands of your cats.


Every 3 hours, the cats deployed in your manor will go hungry. Feed these hungry cats for them to steal a small amount of gold from somewhere. This feature alone allows you to earn some passive gold income even when you’re not actively burglarizing other people’s manors.
Manor Guide

That concludes our quick guide about your own manor in the game. For more helpful tips and tricks about Burgle Cats, please check out our other helpful tips in this guide.

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