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Coop Battle Guide

Coop Battle Guide
The Burgle Cats Guide

The Burgle Cats basically require you to burglarize other players’ manors in order to progress in the game - which is some form of passive PvP. However, you can also work with friends and try to take on harder opponents. In this guide, we will quickly cover the basics of the game’s Coop Battle feature.

Coop Battle is only available if you have at least one Friend. (See our Friend System page) In the Friend Screen, you can see the list of your friends and the Coop Battle icon to the right of their profiles.
Coop Battle Guide

Coop Battles allows you to work with a friend to tackle a manor together. You can even choose to burgle higher-tier opponents that won’t be available on normal Burgle Battles. You can’t choose specific opponents.

Coop battles consist of two parts: Battle 1 and Battle 2. To simplify, Battle 1 is the player who initiates the Coop Battle against another player while Battle 2 is the player who provides support. If you’re the one who initiated the battle (Battle 1), you can only request for support up to three times per day. This limit resets as part of the game’s daily reset. There’s no limit when responding to a friend’s support request. If one player fails to respond to the help request within the allocated time, the battle will end.
Coop Battle Guide

Since this is a two-part battle, as long as one player succeeds in the heist, both players will obtain rewards which include gold and Friend Points. If your friend completed the battle, you must view the results to receive the rewards. There’s an expiration timer to collect your rewards! Make sure to check out the results often to collect the rewards.
Coop Battle Guide

You can get more Friend Points by successfully burglarizing higher-tier manors or when you and your friend collects a lot of spirit during the heist. Friend Points is a currency that you can use in the Friend Shop in the Cat Market. Also, there are no Burgle Points obtained or lost during Coop Battle.
Coop Battle Guide

When a friend asks for help, make sure to watch the video of his/her attempt to get some intel about the traps and challenges that your friend encountered when trying to break in another player’s manor. All the rooms your friend has explored will also be visible at the start of the battle. Here are the things that will be revealed during the replay of the failed attempt:
* Investigated rooms
* Number of collected spirits
* Opened vaults (real and fake)
* Location of dropped chests
* One-time traps or persistent traps
Coop Battle Guide

That concludes our quick guide about the Coop Battle. For more helpful tips and tricks about The Burgle Cats, please check out our other helpful tips in this guide.

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