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Friend System Guide

Friend System Guide
The Burgle Cats Guide

The Burgle Cats basically require you to burglarize other players’ manors in order to progress in the game - which is some form of passive PvP. However, you can also work with friends and try to take on harder opponents. In this guide, we will quickly cover the basics of the game’s Friend system.

Friend Screen

You can access the Friends button in the lower-right corner of the screen. In the following screen, you’ll see three tabs: Friends, Received, and Add.
* Friends: This tab will display all friends you’ve added and who approved your request. You can only keep 20 friends maximum. On the same tab, you can also see the friends you asked for your help in Coop Battle.
* Received: This tab displays all friend invites sent to you.
* Add: In this tab, you’ll see your own Friend ID and a search bar where you can input another player’s FID if you want to add them.
Friend System Guide

To delete a friend from your Friends list, go to the Friends tab then tap the yellow Friend Info button. Once their profile appears, tap the Delete button. Removed friends can still be added later if you changed your mind and if they confirmed your FR.
Friend System Guide

How to Add Friends

There are two methods of adding friends. The first one is through FID. Simply paste or type the 12-character code of the player you wanted to add as Friend in the “Target Friend ID” bar and tap Search. Once you found the player, send a Friend Request.

The next one allows you to send FRs to random (recommended) players. By default, the game will recommend those within the same league tier as yours but you can always toggle that option.
Friend System Guide

That concludes our quick guide about the Friend system. For more helpful tips and tricks about The Burgle Cats, please check out our other helpful tips in this guide.

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