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Tales of Grimm Review - The Alternate Take on Fairy Tales

Tales of Grimm Review - The Alternate Take on Fairy Tales

Tales of Grimm is an mobile idle RPG developed by TAPPLUS featuring a dark and alternate take on well-known fairy tale characters. Play as the Dreamer, and lead an army of creatures, heroes, and other entities as you help the natives of the fantastical land of Oz.

We’ve covered our share of different gacha games here in Appgamer. And as with most of the games, Tales of Grimm is free-to-play with optional in-game purchases. All content is accessible and no feature is hidden behind a paywall. It’s possible for F2P (free-to-play) players to thrive but of course, expect paying players to have an edge - in terms of the amount and the quality of the rewards collected. Nevertheless, what I have experienced in the game so far is pretty balanced and manageable, without the pressure to purchase anything. However, if you have at least a dollar to spare, the game is quite generous with the first-time purchase bonuses so there’s that.

For free-to-play games, some titles have annoying ads or incentives for viewing ads. Tales of Grimm doesn’t have those but you'll get prompts or reminders about their in-game purchase options. These are minor inconveniences and they’re not that frequent which is very much appreciated.

The game is designed to be an idle RPG so you’ll encounter recurring features such as auto-combat and idle rewards. It’s also a gacha so the characters you’ll get will be random and will heavily rely on your luck. You’ll need to form a team of five heroes as you tackle various story battles, modes, and eventually PvP. As such, you’ll have to manage resources to level up and gear up your heroes. To clear different game modes and content, you may need different team compositions (and thus, several properly built heroes). Your gameplay experience will revolve around these aspects: gather resources, complete quests, summon for more heroes, strengthen those heroes, clear different game modes.

I personally enjoyed the game’s visual presentation. The art style and character designs are charming, and the combat effects fit the motif the game is aiming for. Not too flashy but not too bland either. The game has decent audio quality and nothing to write home about.

That said, I have some concerns with the game’s UI design. Since it is played vertically, much of the buttons are crammed in your narrower field of vision. I’m playing the game on the pc via emulator so I can conveniently adjust the size of the screen so it’s not really an issue for me but for those playing on their phones, they’ll have to adjust accordingly.

To sum it up, Tales of Grimm is an interesting gacha idle RPG that’s worth checking out. If you’ve been playing different gacha games, it’s going to be hard to find some enjoyment since the game doesn’t really bring anything on the table outside its premise and characters. However, if you’re playing other mobile games and want to try something new, Tales of Grimm is worth trying.

4.6 / 5.0
Review by vhayste | Mar 10th 2022

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Review by GuestApr 28th 2022

This game is generous and enjoyable but it doesn't have a thorough guide for game beginners.

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Review by baconeaterApr 18th 2022

I like this game a lot. It is easy to understand for the most part. I do like the pacing of it too!

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Review by GuestApr 18th 2022

It’s amazing! I love how the game was designed and all the details of fairytales added

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