Tales of Grimm

Tales of Grimm Tier List - Best Mages

Mar 8th 2022

In our Tales of Grimm Tier List page, we will cover which characters/units are worth considering building and investing on to help you clear the game's content.

Tales of Grimm Tier List - Best Mages
Tales of Grimm Tier List - Best Mages

Tales of Grimm is an idle RPG developed by TAPPLUS featuring a dark take on well-known fairy tale characters. Play as the Dreamer, and lead an army of creatures, heroes, and other entities as you help the natives of the fantastical land of Oz. In our Tales of Grimm Tier List, we’ll discuss some of the best characters to have in the game.


Please be reminded that Tier Lists are not “definite” measures of the character’s strength and potential. There are a lot of factors to be considered like the characters’ availability, their synergy with your team, their utility, equipment, etc. As such, please use our tier lists as what they’re meant to be - a guide. Use tier lists to help you decide whether you’ll want to invest resources and time to build a character. At the end of the day, it’s you who will decide which ones you’ll use based on preference and performance .


Mages are the magic damage dealers in the game. They’re ideally positioned in the mid or back rows since they’re not meant in the front lines, obviously. Mages have different gimmicks but they have a consistent theme of dealing damage while inflicting a debuff or debilitating effects that their allies can take advantage of.

Top Tier Characters Overview

We have decided to list down the characters that belong to the S and A rank. We have considered their overall usefulness and the value they can add to your party. If you don’t see your favorite character in our list, that doesn’t mean that the character is bad or not worth getting. In the end, it’s a gacha game and you’ll have to make do with what you have or follow your preferred party/ character preference.

Top Tier Guardians

Rank S: Triton, Shahryar

Rank A” Dark Knight, Quasi Mortal

Top Tier Warriors

Rank S: Prince Charm, Red Queen

Rank A: Wukong, Yuri Schnee, Dark Queen, Blade Gina

Top Tier Mages

Rank S: Wonder Allish, Cindy

Rank A: Fairy Marie, Britney, Queen Lilith

Top Tier Support

Rank S: Miss Conch, Maid Sophie

Rank A: Mad Granny, Larissa, Nesy

Top Tier Mages Descriptions

Wonder Allish

Wonder Allish’s ULT (Magic Wonderland) deals damage to all enemies with the chance to inflict [Electric Shock]. This effect makes the inflicted target lose HP equal to a portion of Allish’s ATK whenever it is hit. Her other active skill (Dream Storm) damages all enemies with a chance to inflict [Seal] on enemies affected by [Electric Shock]. [Seal] is a status effect that temporarily disables the afflicted unit’s passive skill and prevents their attacks from landing critical hits. At skill LV3, this attack will have the chance to apply [Seal] even to targets not affected by [Electric Shock].

Finally, her passive (Dream Realm), gives her Dream Storm attack a chance to inflict [Paralysis]. A target with [Electric Shock] suffers from additional “True DMG” as well. As the name implies, paralysis prevents the afflicted unit from taking any action for 2 rounds. Her consistent application of different status effects makes her an ideal addition to any party.


Cindy’s a powerful ice mage who can disrupt enemy movements with her attacks that inflict Freezing and Slowdown effects on top of having the capability to damage all enemies.

Her Magic Meteor skill damages all enemies with a chance to apply [Slowdown] to targets while also decreasing their Crit Rate. ([Slowdown] decreases the afflicted speed by 15% for 2 rounds) Her ULT (Ice Feast) deals damage to all enemies with a chance to apply [Freezing]. [Freezing] prevents the afflicted from taking action within 2 rounds but the effect is removed after getting hit 3 times. At skill LV2, her ULT also deals bonus damage against targets with [Slowdown].

Her passive, Magic Barrier, reduces the resistance of units with [Slowdown] at the beginning of each round. This effect can’t be dispelled. Additionally, the SPD of all enemies are reduced in the first 2 rounds of battle. This effect can’t be dispelled as well.

Fairy Marie

Fairy Marie’s Magic Vortex attack deals magic damage to the enemy with the highest ATK, with the chance to reduce the target’s DEF. Her passive (Focused Vortex) allows Magic Vortex to deal splash damage to another random target with a chance to apply [Electric Shock]. At skill LV3, this passive enables Magic Vortex to damage 2 random enemies with an increased chance to apply [Electric Shock].

Her ULT (Fairy Light) deals damage to all enemies with a chance to dispel their buffs. This skill gets even better as its skill level increases. At skill LV2, targets receive damage equal to 5% of their own HP for each buffs dispelled by this skill. At LV3, targets’ ATK is also decreased by 3% for 1 round that can’t be dispelled.


Britney is a free 5-star unit that you’ll get at the start of the game. She’s surprisingly reliable and consistent especially when properly invested in. Her Apple Bomb attack prioritizes 3 enemies in the front and mid rows that deal increased damage to targets with high HP, and with a chance to apply [Burning] status. (Lose HP equal to 15% of Britney’s ATK for 2 rounds. Stackable). At skill LV2, this skill also reduces the targets’ Magic Resist for 2 rounds, making them even more vulnerable to follow-up attacks.

Her ULT (Heavy Bomb) damages all enemies with 60% crit rate higher to units with [Burning] or [Flaming] status. The skill also deals extra damage to the unit with the lowest HP. If the target’s HP is lower than 10%, it will be executed immediately, bypassing any shield, DEF, or DMG sharing. Increasing this skill’s level increases the HP threshold when the execution effect gets activated. Finally, her Pyromania passive gives her bonus damage to enemies with [Burning] or [Flaming] status.

Queen Lilith

Queen Lilith’s Frost Blast attack targets the column with the most enemies while having the chance to inflict [Freezing] status effect to enemies. [Freezing] prevents the afflicted from taking action within 2 rounds but the effect is removed after getting hit 3 times. Her ULT deals magic damage to 4 random enemy units with a chance to reduce their magic resist. Her passive gives her a chance to inflict [Freezing] on her attacker when she’s hit.

[Freezing] is not as effective as [Paralysis] since there’s a condition to remove the effect by hitting the afflicted 3 times but it’s still more than enough to disrupt the enemy’s flow. Her ULT’s magic resist decrease can also open up opportunities for other Magic DMG dealers in her party to deal extra damage in.

Viewing the Album

You’ll be able to see a preview of all characters in the game, even those you haven’t summoned yet by visiting the album. To see it, go to the Hero tab at the bottom then tap the Album button in the lower-right, as shown below.


This concludes our Best Mages List for Tales of Grimm. For more Tales of Grimm content, please check out our other pages within this guide.

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