Tales of Grimm

Runes and Rune Talents Guide

Runes and Rune Talents Guide
Tales of Grimm Guide


Tales of Grimm is an idle RPG where you play as the Dreamer, and lead an army of creatures, heroes, and other entities as you help the natives of the fairy tale land of Oz. As you play, you’ll encounter tougher challenges and enemies along the way. Of course, your party has to keep up with this increasing difficulty by strengthening them.

Runes and Rune Talents are some of these helpful mechanics that you can use to further improve your heroes’ combat capability, on top of leveling them up and giving them the best gears possible. In our Runes and Rune Talents Guide, we will briefly cover how they can further improve your heroes’ combat capabilities.

Rune and Talents Overview

Each hero has two talent slots but they’re locked by default. To unlock the first talent slot, the hero needs to reach 6*. The second talent slot becomes unlocked once the hero reaches 10* rank. Now, once a talent slot is unlocked, you’ll need to equip a Rune that has the desired talent. Once a rune is attached to the slot, the rune’s corresponding talent will be activated and will remain passively active as long as the rune is equipped to the hero.

Runes and Rune Talents Guide

Now, you have to be careful of the rune/talent that you’ll equip to a character since unlike sigils or armor pieces, you can’t freely remove or replace runes. You’ll have to pay the required amount of diamonds to “Forget” and remove a rune from a hero. Once a rune is removed, all Sigil Essences or (fodder) runes used to upgrade the talent rune will be fully refunded.

Since both sigils and talents share the same skill pool, be reminded that skills of the same name will not stack. If the duplicate skills have different levels, the one with the higher level will take effect. This is also one of the considerations you should look out for when equipping sigils and runes.

Rune Acquisition

The only source of runes is the Rune Shop where you can use Sigil Essences as currency to purchase new runes. To collect Sigil Essences, you have to get them from the following sources:

* Produce by the Sigil Crystal

* Win from Lucky Wheel

* Purchase from the Dream Shop

* Purchased from the Item Shop daily

* Collect from Resource Packs

* Obtained from fusing Sigils.

Upgrading Runes

Learned Talent Skills can be upgraded by using Sigil Essence and duplicates of the equipped rune. For example, a Morale I talent can be upgraded to Morale II by spending 10,000 Sigil Essence, and 3 Morale Runes. Don’t hesitate to upgrade even if it’s just temporary since you won’t lose anything should you decide to swap to a different rune/ talent or move the current rune to another hero. As mentioned above, even if you “Forget” the rune (by paying the required diamond amount), all the spent runes and sigil essences will be fully refunded.

This concludes our Runes and Rune Talents Guide for Tales of Grimm. For more Tales of Grimm content, please check out our other pages within this guide.


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