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Summoning System

Summoning System
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Tales of Grimm is an idle RPG where you play as the Dreamer, and lead an army of creatures, heroes, and other entities as you help the natives of the fairy tale land of Oz. To build your ideal team for battles, you’ll need to summon new heroes to add to your roster. There are several banners or categories where you can summon from. In our Summoning System guide, we will cover how the Summoning feature of the game works.

To summon, you’ll need to complete the tutorial steps. Your first summon is going to be the fire mage, Britney. Moving forward, you have to access the Wonder Castle menu from the home screen. Once you’re there, you’ll see different categories, as we’ll discuss further below. Each category or banner requires a different currency to summon

Drop Rates

Each banner has its own drop rate. To see the summary of these drop rates, tap the magnifying glass icon just below the banner title to learn more. As with any gacha games, probability is at work so you can be very lucky and get favorable heroes within a certain amount of summons or it may take you a while before getting a good summon.

Summoning System

Basic Summon

This banner covers 1-star up to 5-star heroes. This requires Summon Gems that you can get from the mystery shop, daily quests, or discount shop. There’s one free summon daily which is provided as part of the game’s scheduled daily reset.

Summoning System

Special Summon

In this banner, you can summon 3-star up to 5-star heroes. There’s also a guaranteed 4-star or 5-star hero for every 10 summons. The catch is that this banner requires either an Energy Gem or 220 Diamonds per summon. If you’re using diamonds, I suggest saving up until you have 2000 diamonds since it will allow you to do an instant x10 summon (you save 200 diamonds from the normal single summon rate). Energy Gems can be acquired from the Item Shop, Exploration Quests, Mystery Shop, Weekly Quest, Main Quest, and Ranked Matches. Like the basic banner there’s one free summon daily which is provided as part of the game’s scheduled daily reset.

Summoning System

Friendly Summon

You can get 2-star to 5-star characters in this banner. Each summon requires Hearts, which you can collect by receiving Friend gifts or completing the daily Friend Gifting quest. Each summon costs 100 hearts and there’s no discounted rate for x10 summon. Unlike the Basic and Special Summons, there are no daily free summons in this banner.

Summoning System

Mind Summon

In this banner, you can get 4-star or 5-star characters from the selected elemental crystal. Each summon attempt requires a Mind Crystal which can be obtained from the item shop, arena shop, miracle wheel, or ranked match. Furthermore, each summon yields a Mind Quartz which can be used to trade for high-star heroes in the Mind Shop. Finally, each summon produces a certain amount of Mind Radiance which can be used to Convert Heroes.

Summoning System

This concludes our Game Basics Guide for Tales of Grimm. For more Tales of Grimm content, please check out our other pages within this guide.

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