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Hero Retirement

Hero Retirement
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Tales of Grimm is an idle RPG where you play as the Dreamer, and lead an army of creatures, heroes, and other entities as you help the natives of the fairy tale land of Oz. Summoning heroes is part of the game’s core gameplay as you continue summoning more of them, you’ll eventually run out of space. In our Hero Retirement Guide, we will quickly discuss how this feature works.

As you continue summoning heroes to expand your forces or to improve your existing roster, you’ll eventually run out of space, especially due to multiple duplicates of low-ranked heroes. You only have a limited amount of hero slots and once you’ve maxed it out, you won’t be able to summon any more heroes until you make enough space or you expand the storage capacity. Expanding the hero slots can be done by spending diamonds (100 diamonds = 5 hero slots). If you manage to reach VIP2, you’ll also get 25 hero slots available for free.


Of course, the best solution is to manage the number of heroes taking up the space by “retiring” the low-star heroes to get materials like Promotion Stones and Hero EXP that you can use to further improve your high-star heroes.

Hero Retirement

You can do this by going to the Magic Tower, which is accessible from the home screen. Once inside, tap the Retire tab. From there, you can check the checkbox that will enable you to auto-retire 1-star and 2-star characters that you’ll get from hereon. You’ll usually get 1-star and 2-star heroes from Basic Summons. This is a very helpful option since it automatically converts said heroes to resources, without reaching your hero slots.

For 3-star heroes, you can use the Retire screen in the Magic Tower then conveniently use the Auto-Select button to mark all 3-star characters currently in your inventory. 4-star and 5-star characters can also be retired but that’s not entirely recommended since 4-stars can be starred up to become 5-star heroes, and 5-star heroes are also used as fodder for further increasing the stars of selected heroes.

Retiring an upgraded hero will refund all materials used to boost that hero. The talent skills of retired heroes are also “forgotten”, and all sigils and runes will be returned to the player. Additionally, retired heroes will generate a small number of Soul Stones that you can use to trade for items in the Hero Shop

Hero Shop

You can access the Hero Shop from the Hero Retirement screen by tapping the button of the same name in the top-right corner of the screen. Alternatively, you can also access it by tapping on the Match Shop from the main screen, then tap the Hero Shop tab. The Hero Shop has shards of different 5-star characters, Epic Shards, and Time Pacts. The items available in the shop are limited to one purchase per month, except for Time Pacts, which you can buy up to 25 pcs per month.

Hero Retirement

This concludes our Hero Album System for Tales of Grimm. For more Tales of Grimm content, please check out our other pages within this guide.

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