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Sigils and Sigil Fusion Guide

Sigils and Sigil Fusion Guide
Tales of Grimm Guide


Tales of Grimm is an idle RPG where you play as the Dreamer, and lead an army of creatures, heroes, and other entities as you help the natives of the fairy tale land of Oz. Your heroes will grow stronger by leveling them up and giving them proper equipment. Sigils are accessories that further provide helpful stat boosts to your characters and even give them passive skills they won’t have access to otherwise. In our Sigils and Sigil Fusion Guide, we will briefly cover how these trinkets work and how they can further improve your heroes’ combat capabilities.

Sigil Overview

Each hero can have up to 2 sigils, with the first sigil being unlocked at LV100 and the second sigil unlocked once the hero becomes 7-star. The stat bonuses provided by sigils will only take effect if they’re equipped. You can freely equip and replace sigils on a character without any limitations, just how you normally would with weapons and equipment.

Additionally, sigils have skills attached to them. The rarer the sigil, the more skills and higher ranks the skills will be. These skills (and the sigil’s stats) can be rerolled through Reforging (more below). However, remember that if there are multiple skills of the same type that exist on the same sigil, only the highest rank skill or talent will take effect.

Sigils and Sigil Fusion Guide

Sigil Acquisition

You can obtain sigils from the sources listed below. As a general recommendation, always get sigils whenever possible and fuse them to create better versions that you can equip immediately to your main heroes.

* Meow Steward (Idle Rewards)

* Quick Adventure

* Guild Shop

* Lucky Wheel

Sigil Fusion

Sigils have three ranks or rarities: Star, Moon, and Sun. Aside from bearing the said symbols, they’re also color coded, allowing you easily distinguish them more. You can combine 5 sigils of the same rarity to produce a sigil of the higher rarity. So for example, combining 5 Moon Sigil will give you a guaranteed Sun Sigil. Fusing Sigils will only cost gold so you don’t have to worry about anything else.

Sigils and Sigil Fusion Guide


Once you have obtained any Sun Sigil, you’ll be able to enhance it further through Refinement. You’ll need to use Refinement Gems and Gold to level up the sigil and improve its stat bonuses. When a sigil reaches a certain refinement level, you’ll have to Promote it to break the level cap and allow it to be refined (leveled up) further. You won’t be able to Refine a sigil if there are unsettled Skill Reforging or Stat Reforging processes.

A sigil randomly obtains bonus stats. The value of these stats will be determined by the sigil’s rank. Additionally, if you upgrade a sigil’s skills, the type of sigil skills will remain the same. The unqualified sigil skill will be upgraded and if the sigil only has one skill, a second skill will be added. Finally, when upgrading a sigil’s stats, the stat values that are increased by the type of stats will remain unchanged.

Here are the additional refinement milestones, listed below.

* Increase refinement level to LV30 then promote the rank to Sun Sigil I to provide numerical upgrade to Stats 1

* Increase refinement level to LV60 then promote the rank to Sun Sigil II to unlock Stats 2 (percentage)

* Increase refinement level to LV90 then promote the rank to Sky Sigil. This will upgrade the skills to 1 Advanced Skill + 1 Medium Skill.

* Increase refinement level to LV120 then promote the rank to Sky Sigil I. This will upgrade the Stats 1 (Numerical)

* Increase refinement level to LV150 then promote the rank to Sky Sigil II. This will upgrade Stats 3 (Percentage). Additionally, Stats Reforging will have a chance to grant Advanced Stats.

This concludes our Sigils and Sigil Fusion Guide for Tales of Grimm. For more Tales of Grimm content, please check out our other pages within this guide.

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