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Exploration Quest

Exploration Quest
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Tales of Grimm is an idle RPG where you play as the Dreamer, and lead an army of creatures, heroes, and other entities as you help the natives of the fairy tale land of Oz. Most gacha or idle games have an expedition or deployment mechanic where you can send your units on a time-based quest to obtain rewards and other resources. In our Exploration Quest Guide, we will discuss how this feature functions in the game.
Exploration Quest


As mentioned above, Exploration Quest is a series of quests where you can send your heroes to tackle time-based quests and obtain rewards upon returning. There’s no restriction on the number of exploration attempts. New quests become available by refreshing the list, as long as there are sufficient Exploration Points. Exploration Points are only earned via Quick Adventure and you can store up to 22000 at most. Each exploration quest will require a fixed amount of exploration points.

You can find this option in the lower-right hand corner of the Adventure Screen. Tap the Explore button to see the Exploration Quest screen. Due to the almost obscure position of this feature, unfortunately, it’s easy to miss and you can even go about your daily tasks without bothering with this feature.

To take on an Exploration Quest, tap the “Take” button, tap Auto-Deploy to automatically select the valid characters to send, then tap Dispatch. Once started, a timer will be displayed. You can claim the rewards for that quest once the timer is over or you can collect it instantly by paying the displayed amount of diamonds. You can also quickly claim all completed quests by tapping the Quick Claim button.


The Exploration Privilege is a permanent upgrade that costs 1980 diamonds that allows you to receive a Rare quest from the first daily list of (non-refreshed) quests, and an Epic quest for the daily 3rd non-free refresh. Since diamonds can be reliably earned in-game, getting this upgrade is highly encouraged.

This concludes our Exploration Quest Guide for Tales of Grimm. For more Tales of Grimm content, please check out our other pages within this guide.

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