Where Do I Get Advanced Materials?
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Where Do I Get Advanced Materials?

When upgrading Equipment in the game, you'll soon stumble upon the need to procure Advanced Materials to proceed with an upgrade -- especially with high-end stuff you get later on in the game (or as you reach a specific level on upgrades). These advanced materials are usually hard to obtain, and the only way you could actually get them is through smelting.

Take note though that NOT every time you perform smelting, you'll get an advanced material. Think of it as a chance material that you can only obtain at a random interval. However, just as you perform smelting, you'll usually earn a special currency called "Smelting Points" -- which you can use to purchase advanced materials in the smelting shop.

So take the time to pick the Equipment you wish to upgrade fully and spend your hard earned advanced materials with. Nonetheless, you can always un-equip a gear and give it to someone else in your roster and the pertaining upgrades to it will still be there. Also, be mindful that not only does upgrading require you the advanced materials, you'll also spend gold for each upgrade too.



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