What are Errands and How to Access them in Royal Chaos?
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What are Errands and How to Access them in Royal Chaos?

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Errand only becomes available after you cleared the 28th stage in the game. What it basically does is set a task for you to perform -- that when completed, you'll be compensated with a reward item. In a way, the game has devised a collection of quests to be performed by players, and simply put, Errand is one of them.

There is however several tiers to be unlocked within the Errand Palace itself. When you initially get access to it, a lot of buildings are inaccessible an you'll still have to work your way up the ladder (rank-wise) before you get access to them. It would be probably until you reach rank Upper 5 before four of the places to visit there will be unlocked.

When performing Errands, take note of the Hero Profession requirement of the concluding request. Different requests require different types of Heroes. If you manage to enlist a requested hero to do the job, it will enhance the quality of rewards you get upon completing the task.

The buildings there can be upgraded too upon reaching a certain threshold - you'll know it is ready for an upgrade when a green indicator is visible just right next to the building. Mind you though that it requires a certain amount of gold to perform the upgrade. However, what this does in return - is improve the quality of rewards you get upon completing each errand.

You also need to know that you can take on multiple errands at a time. It is relatively free for the first two errands. However, upon subscribing to the 3rd errand, it will penalize you with 300 ingots, and will exponentially be more costly as you increase the number of queues.



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