Royal Chaos–Enter A Dreamlike Kingdom of Romance

Royal Chaos Walkthrough and Guide

Royal Chaos–Enter A Dreamlike Kingdom of Romance Guide

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Royal Chaos Walkthrough and Guide

Royal Chaos is a simplified MMORPG platform that incorporates a semi-casual kind of gameplay that would most likely interest casual gamers taking a plunge to RPGs. Nonetheless, it still has all the intricacies of character building - just as you'd enjoy with typical MMOs out there. Additionally, it brings in a unique plot and setting - which gives life to the amazing selection of character designs, the game world itself, and even the accompanying music.

The game features short campaigns where you could take part in rich story lines via quest based missions. It also immerses you to varied options and situations where your choices will generally affect character's overall progress. Different types of characters not only provide you with different play styles that will fit your preference, but will also showcase the game's wide array of intricately designed outfits, that will surely adorn your avatar.

Royal Chaos Walkthrough and Guide

Some of the game's showcased feature includes:

Costume Collecting

Change your avatar's appearance and additionally get attribute points for equipping personalized costumes. There are various collections to get your hands with -- to help you put a personal touch to your character, and improve it as well.

A Different Battle for Love

Battle in an arduous royal war or become immersed in a romantic love affair. Summon historical figures to your aid in fierce turn-based combat.

Real-Time Social Interaction

Chat with other players, take a stroll through beautiful courtyards, or enjoy a private candlelit dinner.

Royal Chaos Walkthrough and Guide

Overall, it is a great game that will keep you busy in so much ways that are nonetheless enjoyable and consistent of the game's general motif and idea. It is a great starter MMORPG for those that are not typically inclined to the genre. It might not have an open-world to explore or sandbox capability, but the character building system is just as rich and amusing. The graphics, intuitive gameplay, and large scale event battles definitely make the game worth a try.

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