Royal Chaos–Enter A Dreamlike Kingdom of Romance

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Getting Started
Royal Chaos–Enter A Dreamlike Kingdom of Romance Guide

Getting Started

Congratulations! You have just successfully downloaded the game from your app store.
As soon as the game completes patching up to its latest update, you'll finally be able to play the game.

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When you enter the server the first time, it will require you to create your very first Character. Character creation includes some basic pick of character class, some customization options for your eyes, hair, and costume. What is neat about this is that whichever you choose, you'll see it rendered on the introductory video of the game as it introduces you to the accompanying plot.

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Once you are done with your Character customization, you can now start the game. Since the game is mainly based on Chinese culture and historical references, you can just assume that the whole idea of the game, is for you (or at least your character) to be play the role of a house representative - caught between a power struggle and competitions against different houses (royal families). Its basically a game of chess, with lots of drama in-between.

That said, your general objective is to progress towards becoming the most beautiful maiden, to represent your house, which when picked by the emperor to be his new concubine - will ultimately bring you fortune and power. Of course game-wise, what this entails is that as you progress, you'll collect better looking wardrobes, which themselves imbue you with special attributes that will basically improve you Character.

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When you start the game, it will show you a short skit that gives you an idea where your Character will pick-up in the game's accompanying plot. It will also showcase its turn-based battles during this initial skit. As you pick-up on your character's adventure, the game will initiate a sequenced tutorial phase that will introduce you to its different parts and systems.

Among the most important ones to get familiar with is the game's main hub. Here you get to access the different activities to do in the game, and fiddle around with your Character to give it some modifications like changing Equipment, personalizing its looks, and many more. On the Interface section of this guide, we've listed the different buttons you see in the main hub, along with their appropriate function.

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During your first few hours in the game, it will gradually pitch to you its different sections to let you take part in the different activities you can do, as well as be able to let you familiarize each of their functions. It will showcase everything including changing Equipment, collecting clothes, trying it social feature, enlisting of Heroes, participating in battles and what not.

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