Royal Chaos–Enter A Dreamlike Kingdom of Romance Guide


When you start the game, you'll be given the option to pick among four types of characters that you'll basically play the story mode with. As you press towards the chapters of the in-game story however, you'll be able to earn more characters enlisted as "heroes" that will join and fight for your cause.

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Once you get past the tutorial phase of the game, you are free to summon (or at least spin) these heroes as long as you have the pre-requisite trade items needed to procure them. By default, you get to summon one random Character for 3 normal tokens. To get better heroes however (Rare), you'll need 300 gold ingots to procure them, or more efficiently the "Rare Hero Spin x 10" option which is priced for 900 gold ingots.

Heroes are also sub divided by types (generally indicated by color) - which basically makes them efficient for a particular role in the battle. Aside from the individual battle ratings of each of the playable hero, this adds up as a variable to compute for the general effectiveness of your battle Formation. In the game, there are 4 types of heroes which typically are similar to the classes available to you when picking your main Character.

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Improving your Roster of Heroes

There are 4 ways to actually improve on your heroes, which can be done in the game through the following: hero’s quality, leveling up, upgrades, and awakening. First of all, you have the option to summon either a normal hero, and a rare hero. A rare hero uses a different summoning token (Gold Ingot) than that of a normal one. The higher the rarity of the hero you get, the better they are in terms of overall battle-worthiness (higher initial attributes and powerful skills). They are classified by their color in the game, starting from blue, purple, orange to red (common, rare, epic, legendary).

Another way is to level up your heroes. Leveling up a hero mainly improves on the hero's base stats. However, this is not its main importance. You might want to perform leveling up more because it is one of the pre-requisites of upgrading them. Nonetheless, leveling up a hero in the game is very straightforward. The cap limit is mainly dictated by the current level of your primary Character. During the tutorial phase of the game, leveling your roster can be done by simply repeating the process for each of the hero you have until they reach the cap level limit. However, as you progress further in the game, it is important to properly allocate EXP pills to your heroes (especially to the new ones you get) so that the level gap between each of them isn't that big.

Then there is also the "Upgrade" part. As as general rule of thumb, you might want to reserve the upgrade process of higher rarity heroes and completely disregarding this process for common ones (blue). This is due to the fact that as you upgrade your heroes, the process will require higher amounts of upgrade pills as well as Hero Shards to push through (which are all very hard to obtain in the game). Upgrading your hero will improve its attributes, as well as unlock or improve your hero's active and passive skills.You should also know that a hero's secondary skill will only be unlocked as you get past the 4th upgrade.

Lastly you have Awakening to improve your heroes. The process of awakening, is pretty much the same of that of upgrade as it can be activated upon reaching as specific stage of upgrade in your hero. The only thing you'll need in addition are awaken Gems -- which can be earned by participating in clan wars. You can only awaken your heroes up to 3 stars.

Requirement of 1st Awakening Star: unlocked after Upgrade +5
Requirement of 2nd Awakening Star: unlocked after Upgrade +8
Requirement of 3rd Awakening Star: unlocked after Upgrade +11



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