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How to Get Free Gems in Royal Chaos?
Royal Chaos–Enter A Dreamlike Kingdom of Romance Guide

How to Get Free Gems in Royal Chaos?

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Below are the usual means to earn yourself some Gems in Royal Chaos:

1. Log-in Bonuses - a level 3 gem pack is awarded on the 5th day of the weekly log-in, and a level 1 gem pack is rewarded for being online every 45 minutes.

2. Mall - Gems can be purchased from the Mall using Ingot.

3. Faction Shop - you can alternatively use faction contribution to purchase Gems (best chance with top factions in the server).

4. Errand - when your rank reaches Lower 4, you'll get access to the "Errand" section of the game. After completing the Tasks there, Gems will be rewarded.

5. Tasks - take part and accomplish in-game tasks, and most of the ones you are required to accomplish will not only share progress to your Character and roster of Heroes but also reward you with useful items like Gems.

6. Achievements - similar to Tasks, Gems are in some Instances rewarded on milestones you've successfully reached in the game.


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