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Vigilante Guide
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Whenever you send out your crew to fight, you can provide them with a leader that can provide them with benefits. In Mafia City, Vigilantes can be recruited If you have the correct materials to unlock them. They can provide you with increased power, and they can lead your crime ops and defend your wall.

In this guide, we’ll discuss about the Vigilante system and know more about its basic functions. There are a lot of Vigilantes in the game, but knowing how they work is important since you’ll be able to assign them in the proper locations.

How to Recruit Vigilantes

Vigilantes can be recruited through the Family Club facility that’s located to the right side of your mansion. From there, you can use the Vigilantes button to see the list of the ones available in the game. This is the area that you’ll go to if you want to synthesize and unlock vigilantes.

Check the Family Club for Vigilantes
Check the Family Club for Vigilantes

In order to unlock a specific vigilante, you’ll need to be able to acquire their fragments. Some are distributed as gifts in the game, but majority of the vigilante fragments are included in sale packs. If you look at a specific vigilante, you can click the “Obtain” button in order for you to know how to get them.

Vigilante Fragments can be obtained through events and the shop
Vigilante Fragments can be obtained through events and the shop

Strengthening your Vigilante

In you Vigilante list, you can strengthen the vigilante that you have through different methods. The stronger that they become, then the higher power they can contribute to your turf, and it will affect your overall power as well.

Use the Vigilante EXP Items
Use the Vigilante EXP Items

You can increase your Vigilante’s exp by pressing the + button on the EXP bar. This will use up the Vigilante EXP Item which can be obtained from mercenaries in the city, or through item packs that you can purchase from the shop.

Unlocking Skills

Check the Star-Up tab and you’ll be able to see the skills that a vigilante has at the bottom side of the screen. In order to unlock all of the skills, you will need to maximize their star rating. This however, can be difficult since you’ll need to get more of their fragments. If you don’t have extra free fragments anymore, then you might end up having to purchase them from packs.

Fragments are needed to unlock their remaining skills
Fragments are needed to unlock their remaining skills

Once a skill has been unlocked, their effects will be applied permanently. This means that having more vigilantes and skills will provide more benefits for your turf. Be careful with spending once again, check our Spending Guide to see if you decide to use real money.

Providing Equipment to Vigilantes

The Vigilante Set lets you provide equipment specifically for Vigilantes. In this tab, you can provide them items piece by piece, or perhaps you can unlock specific sets as well. Once you have some item pieces in mind or if you have any sets you wish to create, use the Pawnbroker and Lapidary Complex to create the specific items in order to provide better bonuses for your Vigilante.

Stats can be increased through item sets
Stats can be increased through item sets

Once they are stronger, you can set them as leaders during crime operations in the city, and you can set them as garrison guards to provide better bonuses for defending your turf. Having strong vigilantes will help you in the long run, so learning about how they work is helpful.

Since majority of the Vigilantes in the game require you to purchase them, you can simply make do with the vigilante that you have. Only purchase if you really want specific vigilantes. This concludes our Vigilante Guide in Mafia City.

We have other guides available as well that can help you out so, please don’t forget to check our guide’s menu. If you have any other suggestions or comments, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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