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Clan Facilities Guide

Clan Facilities Guide
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Even if you’re trying to build your own turf, getting help from a group will be much better for your progress. In Mafia City, joining a Clan provides you with a lot of benefits. There are also facilities in the game that you can build on your turf which will help out with other clan members.

In this page, we’ll be providing you with the different clan facilities available, as well as their uses. If you want to have faster development of your turf, then getting help from your Clan is the right thing to acquire!

The Clan Club

One of the great things of joining a clan is for you to send and receive clan help. For each help that is received, a certain number of seconds is removed from the upgrade time of the facility you’re working on. The more helps you can receive, then the faster that you can progress with your construction without using speed-ups.

Mafia City Clan Club
Mafia City Clan Club

With the Clan Club, you can upgrade it to get more help, reduce the timer for help, as well as increase the reinforcement capacity that you can send out whenever you help other clans. Whenever help is needed, you can click on the handshake icon near the clan club, or the shortcut on the lower right side of the screen.

The Clan Club lets you use shortcuts for helping others, checking clan donations, as well as reinforcements. If another clan member is under attack, then reinforcing them will help with their defenses. This is a good way for you to show team work since you’ll want to receive reinforcements as well whenever you are attacked, right?

The Clan Hall

Whenever you’re in the city, having your truce down means you’re open for attack. This applies to other players as well, therefore you can raid other players. Mafia City enables you to join group raids. If a player is rallying for a raid, then you can send your crew to them in order to help increase their attack power.

Mafia City Clan Hall
Mafia City Clan Hall

The Clan Hall lets you upgrade this facility in order to increase the raid ops capacity. If you use the clan hall, it can bring you to the shortcut for clan battles that are ongoing. You can send help to anyone who needs it from the hall, or through the clan menu itself.

Improving your Clan Hall not only increases your power and capacity, but getting it to elite levels will let you have increased Raid Ops Speed which is good if you’re trying to get to your destination faster.

The Bootleg Market

If you weren’t able to protect your turf from attacks, then the Vault can only help you keep a specific number of your resources safe. If you’re in a good clan, then you can all help each other out and recover resources by trading it through this facility.

Mafia City Bootleg Market
Mafia City Bootleg Market

If you check the bootleg market, you can trade a certain number of resources. Take note however that the upgrade level of your bootleg market will affect how much you can get, and it also has a tax limit. Improving your bootleg market will increase the limit, and lower the tax. You’ll also be able to get better power.

Once you have reached elite levels for upgrades, you can increase your Supply Ops speed. This is useful especially if the clan member that you’re trying to help is located further away from your location.

Knowing the beneficial facilities for clan related activities is helpful in order for you to progress. You can help each other with your clan members in order to maximize the benefits of being in a clan. In Mafia City, being in a big clan will help you overtake the other smaller ones, so make sure to help each other out.

We hope this helps you get an understanding of this system as well. Don’t forget to check our other pages as well for Mafia City! If you have any other questions, please let us know.

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