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Personal and Hell Events

Personal and Hell Events
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In Mafia City, being able to progress with your turf will help you increase your power. This is very important since your power will determine how much control you’ll have in your city. This lets you know that you’ll be capable of attacking others and defending yourself with ease.

Whenever your turf is developed, you’ll need resources and time. Getting rewards for developing your turf is a good incentive for you to continue with your development, and this is how personal and hell events work! In this guide, we’ll provide you with the basics of these events and we’ll also give you some tips.

How Personal and Hell Events work

Personal and Hell Events work very similarly. They provide you with rewards in terms of the development of your current turf, as well as your operations. For Personal events, you’re provided with multiple tasks that you normally do already, and you’re rewarded for every milestone that you can get. Check the Events Center to see the possible rewards that you can acquire from personal events.

Mafia City Personal Events
Mafia City Personal Events

Points can be acquired from different activities, and this can refresh each time the Personal event is ongoing. You can get tasks such as upgrading buildings, recruiting crew, investing, increasing favor with your babe, and a lot more.

Completing more tasks will level up your points bar. If you reach a certain number of points, then you’ll be getting rewards sent to your mail. Ranking rewards are also provided to the top players who also participate in this event in your city.

Hell Events on the other hand are similar in a way to personal events, however the points that you’ll need in order to get rewards are much higher. Sometimes you can get one task, and sometimes there are two or more. As the name implies, it’s difficult to get points for this event since it’s “Hell”.

Mafia City Hell Events
Mafia City Hell Events

However, if you look at the rewards list, they provide you with high resources, and those who get ranked get the most benefits of the hell event. One of the nice rewards you can get are gem boxes.

What rewards can you get?

The rewards from these events will provide you with different items based on the tier of points that you were able to get. A lot of the rewards provide you with resources and speed ups which will help in the development of you turf. Getting all rewards is challenging, and you can then progress and try to get into the ranking in order for you to get more rewards.

Take note that the rewards listed for the event can change each time the event is ongoing, so make sure to go to the events center to check. Point requirements for these events also vary. Here is a sample of rewards that are possible for you to acquire:
Tier 1
Resources, Speed-Ups, Quality Gem Boxes
Tier 2
Resources, Speed-Ups, Quality Gem Boxes
Tier 3
Gold, Resources, Speed-Ups, Quality Gem Boxes, Roadster Points

Higher tiers provide higher numbers of resources and speed-ups so you should take note of that as well. Once you have completed the tiers, you can compete for ranking rewards which provide items for the top 100 players in the city.

Tips for the Event

Personal and Hell Events change each time so make sure to check the event center to see which are the highlights for the tasks at hand. Saving up your speed-ups and resources and then using them for the event period is one of the main keys for completing them. Here are some tips that you can follow.

1. For construction and upgrade tasks, make sure to activate the second construction slot in order for you to get more tasks completed. Upgrade your facilities to match your mansion’s level, and use your speed-ups to make your progress faster. Getting help from your clan will also add up.

2. For investment related activities, check each investment that can provide you with the most benefits. Investment speed-ups are also available as items so use them during these events.

3. For training related activities, make sure to upgrade your camps to the highest level possible so you have the latest tier. Use your training speed-ups to continue training the next batch of crew.

Getting rewards such as resources and speed-ups will go hand in hand with the overall development of your turf. You’ll be able to increase your power which is vital for your survival in your city. There are a lot of upgrades that you’ll have to go through in the game, and everyone’s main goal is to reach the highest level possible. Thanks to Personal and Hell events, you’ll be rewarded accordingly with your tasks.

We hope that our guide has helped you with this Event. Please check our events section on the right-hand side to see the different kinds of events that can occur in the game. If you have anything to add please let us know below.

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