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Spending Guide
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In Mafia City, the better facilities you have, the stronger you become since your upgrades provide higher power. There are different packages in the game that can be very tempting to purchase, and you might wonder which items you should get that’s worth your money. Transactions will be shown for you a lot in the game so it can be confusing which one you’ll want to get.

In this guide, we’ll check which packages or items you can purchase if you decide to play the game longer. Some packages in the game can become too expensive as well, so we hope that this guide will help you out.

Always be responsible with your money

Make sure that if you do decide to spend on the game, be responsible with how you spend it. There are a lot of mobile games that you can play these days, and micro-transactions are sometimes inevitable especially if it’s a free to play game. If you aren’t responsible with how much transactions you do, you might not know it and eventually end up in a place where you already have spent a fortune.

When making a decision, always ask yourself first if you’ll be playing the game in the long run. Will the packages you purchase help you out? Are there other similar packages you can find in the game that can be cheaper? You can also set a certain budget allotted for the game, and make sure you don’t exceed it. This way you’ll be safe from overspending.

NOTE: You must always be responsible with your financial situation. Going heavy on microtransactions can be difficult to handle with especially if you don’t keep track of it.

What items are recommended?

There will be a lot of packs available in Mafia City, and they change over time as well so it can be confusing which one, you’ll get. One of the main focuses on the game is for you to develop and strengthen your power. In doing so, you’ll want to have enough speed ups and resources in order to help with your development. When starting out in the game, you can consider starter packs, as well as packs that can contain a vigilante since they’ll help with your operations.

Mafia City Fortune Pack
Mafia City Fortune Pack

There are several packs as well that provide items for 99 cents. You can look for Fortune and Rookie packs since they provide you with items that can help with development.

Mafia City Rookie Pack
Mafia City Rookie Pack

Should you get Gold?

Gold is considered the premium currency that you can use in Mafia City. Instead of directly getting items, you can get gold which can function for a lot of things. They can speed up your progress in construction if you don’t have any speed-ups left, etc. You can also acquire gold for free in the game. A good use of Gold is by increasing your build queue slots, this can help with construction.

Check any sales for Gold by clicking on the upper right side of your screen through the gold icon. First purchases for gold will provide you with bonus gold as well. Make sure to limit your gold spending in the game and only use it as a last resort.

Gold Packages
Gold Packages

Gold can also be used to increase your VIP Status. If you check the VIP Button from the upper left side of the main screen, you’ll be able to get the buffs listed there. Reaching certain levels of VIP can help you unlock more operation slots, and they can help speed up the progression of your operations.

VIP Tiers can be increased with Gold
VIP Tiers can be increased with Gold

Once again, always be careful with spending your real cash. Microtransactions that aren’t tracked can be difficult for you since you might not know how much you’re spending. Even if the amount seems small, repeatedly doing it will eventually sum up in a huge amount.

This concludes our spending guide and we hope that it helps you. We’ll be creating more guides to go in-depth with other features of the game as well so please stay tuned to our other pages!

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