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Battle the Mercenary and Battle Carnival

Battle the Mercenary and Battle Carnival
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Aside from your Turf, you send out your Crime Ops to the City in order to attack, and plunder different resources. With the different enemies that you can encounter, there are special ones that will appear from time to time and they’ll provide you with more rewards.

Battle the Mercenary and Battle Carnival are overworld events where you can send out your crew to take mercenaries down. This can be completed by yourself if you have enough energy, or perhaps you can do this with your clan in order to ensure victory. In this guide, we’ll provide you the mechanics of battle events!

How do Battle Events work?

Battle the Mercenary and Battle Carnival are similar events where you’ll have to take down mercenaries that are on the city. You’ll have to defeat them as much as possible in order for you to get rewards once they are taken down. Check the Events Center to see if there are any ongoing battle events, and you can press the Enter button.

Check the Events Center for Battle Events, then press Enter
Check the Events Center for Battle Events, then press Enter

A mercenary enemy will appear throughout the city and they’ll have an HP bar. Your main goal is to take down their HP until they are defeated. You can check different locations for mercenaries to see if there’s one that’s wounded already, this way it will be easier for you to take them down.

Attack the Mercenary and take them down
Attack the Mercenary and take them down

As the battle event’s name implies, you just simply need to defeat these mercenaries in order to qualify for the event. It may sound simple, but you’ll need to have enough energy in order to fully take the mercenary down.

Battle Event Requirements

Before battling mercenaries, you’ll need to complete an investment requirement so you can access the ability to fight specific levels. The Investment Agency has the “Mercenary I” investment which you’ll need to eventually level up in order to fight more mercenaries.

Mercenary Investment is required if you want to attack
Mercenary Investment is required if you want to attack

If you’re starting out, having Mercenary 1 is enough. You’ll just level this up later once you become stronger. Once you have this requirement, you can attack the mercenary in the city and send out your Vigilante and Crew. Once they are finished fighting, they’ll be able to take down part of their HP.

The event will be successful if you’re able to take the mercenary down. It would be best to join in with your clan and raid so you can have faster progress.

What rewards are available?

If you check the event details, you’ll find out that you can get different items such as gems, blueprint fragments, emblems, substance z, and augmentation cards, as well as hitman coins. You must take note though that the rewards that you get do not overlap with each other.

If you’re aiming for specific rewards, it would be best for you to choose which specific battle event you’ll want to participate in. Simply enter the event through the event center in order for you to choose the correct reward.

Battle Events Tips

So you’ll need to take down mercenaries in order to complete these events. It may sound simple right? It can however take some investment on your part in terms of developing your crew and vigilantes, as well as some group effort. Here are some tips for you for the event:

1. Share the coordinates to your Clan if you’re planning to take down a mercenary. This way you’ll get a group effort in trying to deal with their HP and it will be faster than doing it alone.
2. Make sure your vigilante and crew are trained. Improve their stats and get higher tiers in order to get better power.
3. Reserve your energy for this event and use energy drinks to refill when needed. You’ll have to take note of the distance as well of the mercenary from your turf since this will affect your travel time.
4. Make sure to heal your crew if there are any wounded ones. Once they return to your turf, use the healing center accordingly.

Getting items for sending out your crew will help you get materials to make yourself stronger. Battle events are a good way for you to use your leader energy, so make sure to check the event center if this event is ongoing.

This concludes our page regarding battle events. We hope that this information helps you, we also have other event pages included in the game, so don’t forget to check our pages through our menu.

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