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How to Redeem Gifts

How to Redeem Gifts
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Now that you’re the boss of your own turf, you’ll want to upgrade your mansion as well as the different facilities that you have. All of these will require you to have resources, so getting extra ones for free would be nice. Redeeming codes can provide you with different gift packs for free, and they can help you with development of your turf.

In this page, we’ll provide you with information on how redemption codes work. You’ll be provided with steps on how to claim codes, as well as a list of ones that can be redeemed so far. So, let’s check what kinds of items you’ll be able to get.

What gifts can be redeemed?

There are different consumable items that you can get in Mafia City such as resources, speed ups, VIPs, and more. The gifts that are provided through codes can be a combination of any consumable item in the game. Some can be themed depending on ongoing events, or they can provide you with basic items.

Mafia City Items
Mafia City Items

Take note that you can only redeem codes once in the game, and some codes have expiration dates therefore there’s a limited time for you to claim them before they will stop functioning.

How to open the Redemption Code Page

In order to input your codes, click your boss icon on the upper left side of the screen. Once you can view your boss, click the settings button on the lower right side. You should find a gift box icon on the upper side that says Redemption Codes.

Check Settings
Check Settings

Once you open this, you’ll have an interface that you can use to redeem your codes. The items will be provided to your inventory or mailbox.

Mafia City Code List

Here is the list of different codes that can be used in Mafia City. There are some codes in the game that have no expiration, while other codes are event specific only.

(As of April 16, 2021) there aren’t any codes yet available for redeeming

NOTE: Limited time codes expire in given dates, so we have not included codes that are already closed for redemption.

For the latest Mafia City redeem codes check out this page on our site:
Mafia City Redeem Codes

How can I get more codes?

If you want to get more codes in Mafia City, you’ll have to check the official pages of the game. You can check their official social media pages, or their news page on the following links below.

Mafia City Official Website
Mafia City Facebook Page

We hope this page helps you on how to redeem gifts in Mafia City. We hope that more codes will be provided over time, so check the pages every now and then. We’ll be having more guide pages available as well so please don’t forget to check our guide menu for more!

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