Mafia City

Unlocking Turf Districts

Unlocking Turf Districts
Mafia City Guide

Your Turf defines your control as the boss in Mafia City. Here, you construct different kinds of facilities that can help you in the development of your resources. As you get stronger, you’ll be needing more space since there will be more buildings to unlock.

In order to create more facilities, you’ll need to unlock districts that you’ll control within your turf. In this guide, we’ll be checking how you can do this. There are several districts that you’ll be able to acquire depending on how long you have played the game.

Turf District Battle

If you play through the game’s development plans and plot, you’ll eventually get a section where you’ll have to unlock turf districts. Whenever your mansion level reaches a certain number, there can be areas within your turf that you can take control of. They will be shown in circle icons with enemies in them.

Turf Districts that you can battle
Turf Districts that you can battle

Before sending out your men to attack, you can spy on the district in order to check their information. This way you’ll be able to see if your current level of men is able to take them out. Once you are ready, attack them.

Spying can help check their strength
Spying can help check their strength

Once you are ready, you can send your men and defeat the enemies who are controlling the turf. This can take multiple tries until they are entirely defeated. In doing so, you will then have to provide them with payment using resources in order for them to give up their turf district.

There will be more turf districts that you’ll have to unlock. Once you reach Mansion level 15, then you’ll be able to challenge the final district. It’s important to expand your turf since this is where you can construct your resource facilities, clubs, and hospitals.

Strengthen your Crew

In order for you to have a successful turf district battle, you’ll want to unlock higher tiers of your men through their respective training camps. The higher tiers you have then the stronger they will get. You can then help them out by providing them with buffs through the investment agency.

The Investment agency has different buffs that you can work on under the Crew Capabilities section. The buffs that you can acquire will help out in increasing their power, health, and defense which is good since they’ll be able to take out enemies much better.

Provide increased stats through Crew Capabilities
Provide increased stats through Crew Capabilities

As your mansion level increases, you’ll be able to increase the maximum level of the different training camps as well. Reaching Mansion level 13 will unlock the highest tier for your crew that can battle once the turf district for Mansion Level 15 is unlocked.

Increase Crew Tiers by upgrading their camps
Increase Crew Tiers by upgrading their camps

Once you have reached that level, simply continue training your crew in order for you to get a good number for your army. You’ll then be able to surely unlock the remaining turf districts that are available. You can then decide if you want to move your facilities or adjust their number by demolishing and rebuilding.

The benefits that you gain from strengthening your crew is beneficial not only for unlocking your turf, but it will also help with operations in the city since you can use them for attacking, and more. We hope that this guide has helped you with unlocking turf districts. Please don’t forget to check our other guides as well!

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