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Improving your Leader and Power

Improving your Leader and Power
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Your character is considered the Boss in Mafia City, therefore you’re also known as the leader. Since you overlook all of the functions of your turf, it’s up to you as well to get stronger in order to provide benefits for your operations. Improving yourself as the leader of your turf will help increase your power, which is crucial when fighting in the city.

In this guide, we’ll provide you with the ways that you can improve your leader character. After all, you’ll want to become strong in Mafia City, right? Let’s check the different ways that can help you with your progress.

Increase your Leader Level

Increasing your Leader’s level lets you get more power as well as skill points that you can use. In order to get increased levels, you can continue the development of your turf through upgrades in order to obtain Leader EXP. Playing through the game’s plot provides this as well.

Press the + button to increase your Leader's EXP
Press the + button to increase your Leader's EXP

The green exp bar at the bottom of your leader profile can be increased by pressing the + button. You’ll then be able to use the Leader EXP that you have acquired from developments as well as street fights. Once you have leveled up, check your skills and upgrade buffs to your liking.

Level up talents of your choice
Level up talents of your choice

The skills that you obtain can be used for different operations such as battling in the city, growth of your turf, or support from different operations. If you want to get power fast, then having good growth is nice as a start since it will help you with your progress.

Check your Power Distribution

Your power can be checked through the Power icon that’s on your leader’s profile. You’ll be able to see your total power, as well as the rest of the corresponding powers that make up your turf.

Check areas of improvement with your Power
Check areas of improvement with your Power

This is a good way for you to check which areas you can improve upon. Perhaps some areas aren’t getting enough power, so simply use the magnifying glass in order to bring you to that section. If you have resources and speed ups on hand, then use it In order to help with the total increase of your power.

Provide equipment to your Leader

When creating equipment for your Leader, there are two facilities that you’ll be using in order to make you stronger. The Pawnbroker and the Lapidary Complex are facilities that create your equipment, and the other creates the materials that are required.

The Pawnbroker: This facility stores the gems that your lapidary complex creates, and this is where you start creating your equipment. Each equipment should start from level 1, and this will require two types of gems which you get from the complex. If you are starting out, you need to make each equipment type starting from level 1.

Exchange materials in order to create equipment
Exchange materials in order to create equipment

Once you progress to level 2 equipment, you’ll still need gems as well as the previous level of the equipment as a material. This can be a time-consuming progress since each gem requires two hours to make. If you’re playing the game, try to get the gems that you need and create the equipment in order for you to make your leader stronger.

The Lapidary Complex: This facility lets you create gemstones. Choose your gemstone for creation and then you’ll just need to wait for the timer to finish. When starting out, your equipment will need two gems so try to produce the items required for level 1 equipment.

Make sure gems are being produced in the Lapidary Complex
Make sure gems are being produced in the Lapidary Complex

You can unlock more slots to queue your gem production by clicking on the padlocks on the bottom. Some are provided for free, and you can unlock the rest through gold. Free gold is given in the game from time to time, so this is one of the good ways that you can spend it.

As you work on the tips that we have provided, you should be able to make your way and improve and become stronger. The higher power that you have, then the better chances for you to be able to defeat others as well as defend yourself.

This concludes our page on how to improve your leader and power, we hope it has helped you. If you have any other suggestions or comments, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

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