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Mafia City Starter Guide (Part 2)

Mafia City Starter Guide (Part 2)
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Welcome to our Mafia City Starter Guide - Part 2! Here, we'll be continuing off where we left off in order to help you get started with the game. You can check the first part of our guide If you haven’t yet, since the first steps are shown there.

In this part of our guide, we’ll be providing you information with your facilities, how to get more turf territory in order to construct more buildings, managing your crew and vigilantes, as well as the other features of the game. Once you know the different features, you’ll be able to play your game easily with your own routine. So, let’s check what’s in store!

5. Gather your resources

When starting out in the game, your mansion level will dictate which facilities you’ll be able to unlock that can provide you with resources. Once reach mansion level 15, you’ll have unlocked all facilities required for production. These are used for construction and upgrades, and you can collect the following:

  • Counterfeiter: Used to produce Cash

  • Cargo Hub: Used to produce Cargo

  • Weaponry: Used to produce Arms

  • Smelter: Used to produce Metal

    Collect your resources

    Collect your resources

    You can check the billboard near your Mansion’s wall to oversee the production of your resources. You can then click each facility in order to collect your resources so they can be placed in your inventory which is shown on the upper most part of the screen.

  • 5. Unlock Turf Districts

    Your turf refers to your surroundings outside of your mansion’s walls. You’ll find that there are turf districts that are occupied by other people shown through character icons with red marks on a circle. In order to unlock turf districts, you’ll need to send out your men and attack them until they are defeated.

    Fight enemies to unlock turf districts

    Fight enemies to unlock turf districts

    Successfully defeating them can either provide the district automatically, or you’ll need to provide payment to the people before they leave. Once you expand your turf district, you’ll be able to have more space to construct facilities.

    5. Improve your Vigilantes and Crew

    In order to raid and battle other enemies, you’ll need to have strong members that are capable of fighting. Your vigilantes will lead your crew during battle, and they are also the ones who’ll defend your turf so having them as strong as possible is needed.

    Strengthen Vigilantes so they can lead your crew

    Strengthen Vigilantes so they can lead your crew

    You can check on your Vigilante by going to the Family Club that’s located on the right side of your mansion. You can strengthen them by providing them with Vigilante Exp as well as Star-Ups by providing their fragments. Crew on the other hand are strengthened through your training facilities, as well as unlocking new tiers based on the facility upgrades.

    5. Play through the game’s plot

    Once you have started your development plans, you’ll gain access to the Plot button beside the development button. From there, you’ll be able to check your task targets in order to proceed through the next chapter. Each chapter has rewards that you can claim which will help with the development of your turf.

    Check the Plot tasks beside the Development Plans

    Check the Plot tasks beside the Development Plans

    If you skipped the story by accident, you’ll be able to check the past mafia plot through the button on the bottom. The story of this game can be hard to track by if they are slow to progress due to the task targets requiring some time.

    This concludes our Mafia City Starter Guide, we hope this information helps as you grow your empire. his game can be information overload when you start, but you can get the hang of it once you know what routine you’ll be doing. We’ll be creating more guides to go in-depth with other features of the game as well so please stay tuned to our other pages!

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