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How to Link your Account

How to Link your Account
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If you want to play your game across multiple devices, or if you want to save the progress of your account, then linking it is important. In Mafia City, you have the option to save your progress easily. Thankfully, account linking is taught in the game as one of the objectives that you’ll need to complete during the development plans section.

In this page, we'll check the steps on how you can link your progress to specific accounts. You’ll be provided with two options for account linking, so follow the steps provided below.

Account Linking Steps

Step 1: Play though the game’s development plans until you’re urged to link your account. You can also do this ahead in advance if you want. You’ll just need to click your profile icon on the upper left corner.

How to Link your Account

Step 2: Your boss character will be shown to you, so look to the bottom right and you should find the settings button. Press it to open up the settings page.

How to Link your Account

Step 3: Click the Account button that’s shown on the upper left side. You’ll be provided with more options in terms of your current account.

How to Link your Account

Step 4: You’ll be provided with linking options. You can choose to link your account to Facebook or Google, or you can even link it to both if you want to get more rewards. Once you have linked your account, you can claim your rewards and continue playing. You can then use your Facebook or Google account to log in and resume your progress in case you switch devices.

How to Link your Account

Your game progress won’t be lost if any issue happens to your phone such as clearing of cache or game files. If you plan to log in a different device, you can use the “Switch Accounts” button that you can find in Step 4. Make sure that the account that you link to is also safe, so having a strong password will help.

This concludes our page on how you can save your progress in Mafia City. We hope this information helps on how to link your account as well as accessing it on a new device! We shall be providing you with more guide pages so please don't forget to check our guide's menu.

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