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How to Change your City

How to Change your City
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Your city refers to your current server of sorts in the game. In Mafia City, there are different cities available and they can provide you with different populations. Some cities are protected meaning they cannot be attacked by others especially those from older cities.

Cities are also similar to channels like the ones you see in other online games. In this page, we’ll provide you with the method on how to change your current city if you wish to change your location. So please check our information below.

Wait for the Migration Event

Changing cities will require you to participate in the Migration Event. This event will let clan members purchase clan travel passes that can be provided to the leader so the entire clan can move. In doing so, everyone’s progress can be retained especially if you have completed things together as a clan.

How to Change your City

The store will also provide a travel pass pack during this event which provides a Coded Oath Gift. If not, you can travel on your own and go through the different migration phases. You can always check if a Migration event will occur by checking Mafia City’s official sites:

Migration Phases

Once the event will start, there are three phases that the event will undergo to before you can move your city. You will participate in the event as follows:

1. Bribery Phase (Duration: 4 days): The Bribery phases will let you bribe customs so they can change their minds to be more open or restricted in terms of migration. The leaders of each city will that have a level 16 mansion can bribe.

2. Exhibition Phase (Duration: 3 days): Customs will provide their decision if they are providing open or strict migration. Therefore, the efforts of the city leaders are needed here.

3. Migration Phase (Duration: 7 days): Once migration is open, cities that have open migration can be accessed on the world map and you can move to a city of your choice. You will need travel passes in order to move, and the amount that you need will be dependent on the location that you’re going to if the have high level mansions or not.

Migration can only be done once during the event. It’s a more complicated process compared to simply changing cities since you will have to consider the power level of the people in each city that will be affected. It would be unfair for high powered cities to move to a new one that has players of lower level since they will be defeated easily.

More information regarding Migration can be shown in the event details of Mafia City’s website. You can check more details and the F.A.Q. on the website below.

Mafia City Migration Event Details

We hope this page has provided you with the basic information on how to move cities. This event doesn’t occur all the time therefore you’ll have to check the different news and announcement from the game’s different websites. We’ll be providing more information about the game’s different features, so please don’t forget to check our other pages as well.

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