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Babe Guide
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In Mafia City, you’ll get to have different assistants available in your Mansion. Your Babes can let you play games with them in order for you to unlock favors, and eventually they can learn skills which will help you with your turf’s overall progression.

In this guide, we’ll provide you with the basics of the babe system. It’s a combination of mini-games, and upgrades in order for you to maximize their work for you. Let’s see what’s in store for the babes in your mansion.

Babe Availability

When starting the game, you’ll be able to play through the game’s story and unlock your first Babe which is Diana. You can check your Mansion and look at the Babes button. When interacting with her, you’ll be able to play mini-games in order to get her favor, and unlock skills for you. Once all skills have been unlocked, you’ll then be able ot increase their stars for new skills.

Diana will be the first Babe that will help in your Mansion
Diana will be the first Babe that will help in your Mansion

As your mansion level increases, you’ll be able to unlock more Babes along the way. The free babes that are available can be completed once you reach level 19 for your mansion. Here are the free babes available:

  • Diana
  • Mai Hanano
  • Grace
  • Catherine
  • Karina

    The rest of the babes in the game can be unlocked by getting their fragments which can be purchased through different packs with real money. So be careful with your spending as always! The benefits that you can get from the fee babes are already good for your turf.

    Other babes can only be acquired by getting their fragments through the shop
    Other babes can only be acquired by getting their fragments through the shop

  • Unlocking Babe Skills and Dating

    Whenever a new babe is hired, you’ll have to get their favors in order to unlock their skills. Play a game with your babe and you’ll be asked to find a diamond under the cups that they’ll shuffle. The more tries you get correct, then the higher favor you’ll be able to acquire. Maximizing all favors will let you complete their skill set.

    Find the Diamond in order to get favors
    Find the Diamond in order to get favors

    Once you have unlocked all skills through the games, you can then get more skills through Star Ups. This is done by providing gifts to your babes which can obtained from different packs in the store. Be careful since the prices for these packs are actually high.

    You can check the skills button to see the list of benefits available. Being able to acquire the basic skills through the game is actually good enough if you are playing for free. Pressing the Dating button on the other hand provides you with free items.

    Babe Skills
    Babe Skills

    Being able to get the free babes through your mansion upgrades will be beneficial. Once you have a new babe unlocked, it’s best for you to get all of their basic skills so make sure to play the game each day. Visiting your babe once in a while can provide you with timed buffs as a nice touch.

    We hope that this guide has helped you learn more about the Babe system in Mafia City. Don’t forget to check our other guides through our links on our menu. If you have any other suggestions or comments, then please let us know!


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