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What is the “Hops or Not” event?

What is the “Hops or Not” event?
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Remember the times when you are prompted to design some bottles every time you are done researching or developing a brew? Well this is where all the hard work pays off.

What is the “Hops or Not” event?

In the “Hops or Not” event, you are going to be shown different beer bottle/can designs. All you have to do is swipe to right if you like the design or swipe to the left if you don't. If you're not so big on the swiping action, you may opt to just tap on the heart icon if you like the design or tap on the **** icon if you don't.

Once you are able to give five feedback on designs, you will earn one Hop. So be sure to keep you sharing feedback to earn some free Hops.

Note: It is important to be have a strong connection during this time since the game will keep pulling different designs from their database. And being able to provide quick feedback on five designs is important to earn that valuable Hop.
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