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What are Gold Brew Town Bottle Caps and How do You Earn Them?
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What are Gold Brew Town Bottle Caps and How do You Earn Them?

Just as Gold Bottle Caps play an important role in the consumption of real-life beer, brew town's Bottle Caps also play a huge role as well in as they are used as another form of premium currency in the game.

These are the functions of Bottle Caps:
a. It is considered as the ONLY payment option for Epic Upgrades
b. Speed up brewing and bottling processes
c. Has the ability to purchase in-game cash

How to Earn Gold Caps?

As it is one of the game’s premium currency, earning Gold Bottle Caps won’t be that easy. But with patience, you can earn Gold Bottle Caps for free!

Here are a few brew town tips of earning free Gold Bottle Caps:
1. Watch out for the Limo - During your gameplay, you will come to notice a Pink Shiny Limo driving around brew town. As soon as you get a glimpse of the Brew Town Limo, quickly tap on it to get a few Gold Bottle Caps.

Guide Image

Note: Catching the Pink Limo actually provides a dual benefit since catching five (5) Pink brew town Limos will complete one of the Daily Achievement Task of Tapping five (5) limos.

2. Master Brewing - Every time you opt to improve your beer one of the tasks of researching your brew involves tapping your beer at a perfect time in order to get a few Gold Bottle Caps.

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3. Brew and Bottle Brews simultaneously - Whenever you finish brewing beer quickly, you will be given a reward of Gold, Bottle Caps.

4. Complete Epic Achievements - If you wouldn’t like guessing what to do (who does anyway?), complete the tasks listed brew town’s Epic Achievement as doing this will grant you Gold Bottle Caps as a reward.

5. Watch out for the Green RV - Similar to the Pink Limo roving around town, there will also be RV strolling around town. Once you tap on it, it will offer you to watch an ad. Doing so will grant you a reward of a few Gold Caps.

Guide Image

Guide Image

Note: Tapping on the RVs won’t grant you Gold Caps alone. There will be times that it may reward you with Cash too.

Paid Ways to get Bottle Caps in Brew Town

While there are Free ways to earn Bottle Caps, there is also an option to spend real money to purchase Bottle Caps.

To get a list of the prices, you can do any of the following:

Guide Image

a. Tap on the Gold Bottle Cap icon at the upper right corner of the screen
b. Tap on the Store sign located at the bottom of the screen (fourth icon from the left)


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