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How Do You Complete the Trainspotting event?

How Do You Complete the Trainspotting event?
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Just like the Pink Limo and Yellow Drone, there is a train that will show up from time to time that will reward you with a few coins if you are able to see the said train.

In order to get the much-needed coins, all you have to do is drag your screen all the way to the top to be able to view the train as it passes by. There is no need to tap on the train or anything, all you have to do is view the train.

Note: You will not gain coins EVERY time you spot the train. You will gain the Coins for spotting the train only if you haven’t completed the Daily Achievement of Trainspotting. These Daily Achievements reset every day, so to maximize your earnings and/or rewards be sure to spot those trains before it expires.

How Do You Complete the Trainspotting event?

Additional note: Before the latest update (22 May 2018), there have been reports of players having difficulty completing the Trainspotting Event. So be sure to update the game in order to be able to claim the monetary reward.

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