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How to Earn Cash for Free?

How to Earn Cash for Free?
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Maintaining a Brewery is no joke. It is costly in a lot of ways: with your time, your expertise, and most especially with your money. So if you get the chance to earn cash for free then that would be an awesome way for you to boost your brewing process.

Here are some ways to earn free cash in Brew Town:
1. Claim your Daily Rewards - Once each day you will have the opportunity to claim some rewards by simply logging in to your game. Some of the rewards you can get from logging in are Gold Caps and Cash, of course.
Collect your earnings from your Bar - When you leave the game you will have to restock your beer bottles in your bar. And depending on the level of your Bar, the amount of your earnings will vary.

How to Earn Cash for Free?

Quick Brew Town Tip: When collecting your earnings, watch an ad to double that amount.

3. Catch that flying Drone - Tap on the flying yellow Drone that you see around the town. Doing so will grant you a few amounts of cash.

4. Tap on the RV - Just like the Pink Limo and the Yellow Drone, there will be an RV moving around town that will grant you a few rewards. The rewards that an RV provides include Gold Caps and Cash.

How to Earn Cash for Free?

5. Complete your Daily Achievements - When completing your Daily Achievements (trainspotting, drone tapping, limo tapping, etc.) you will be given a certain amount of cash as a reward. Extra cash is totally not a bad idea, especially if it will cost you nothing.

How to Earn Cash for Free?

Quick Brew Town Tip: As it is called Daily Achievements, the list refreshes after 24hours. So to be able to get the most amount of cash, be sure to accomplish everything listed in your Daily Achievement list. For a sample of what your Daily Achievement--or Achievements list in general--looks like, check this link here.
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