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For any type of beer—or any drink for that matter—coming up with the best beer in town will always involve finding the perfect bottle to store the brew you’ve worked so hard to craft.

In Brew Town, the bottling plant plays a crucial role in building a successful brewery. At the start, your bottling plant can only have the capacity to bottle and/or process a very limited number of bottles per cycle. Also by default, your method of bottling your brew will involve tapping on the “Start Bottling” button repeatedly for every bottle.

Bottling Plant

When it comes to maximizing your time and profits, it is best to be able to process more bottles at a single given time. To make this possible, you will have to upgrade your bottling plants.

Note: Upgrading the Bottling Plant is quite expensive. So only choose to upgrade all the way once you’ve already upgraded all your Hops, since your progress (and even earnings) will reset every time you upgrade the quality of your Hops.

Bottling Plant

Here are the upgrade levels for the Bottling Plant and the requirements:

Tip: Before upgrading your Brewhouses and/or Bottling Plant, it is best to upgrade your Warehouse first. Being able to bottle thousands of bottles will be no use if your warehouse keeps getting full.

1. Budget Bottler

Capacity: 3 Bottles Per Tap

Price: Free

2. Double Bottler

Capacity: 4 Bottles per tap

Price: $9,900

3. Bottle Magic

Capacity: 7 Bottles per tap

Price: $39,600

4. Bottle-O-Matic

Capacity: 12 Bottles per tap

Price: $198,000

5. Ultra Bottler

Capacity: 22 Bottles per tap

Price: $950,400

6. Mega Bottle 5000 X

Capacity: 32 Bottles per tap

Price: $4,593,600

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