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When putting up a successful brewery, having an efficient warehouse is key. In order for that to happen, your Warehouse will have to be able to effectively keep up with the beer supply you are producing.

Ideally it is best to upgrade your Warehouse first before upgrading your Bottling Plant and/or your Brewhouse/s.

But then again, one of the best Brew Town tips we can give you is plan your upgrades carefully! Do not go for the maximum upgrade of ANY building (especially if you are on a tight budget) unless you have maxxed out your Hops upgrade first.

Brew Town Warehouse

To guide you in making your upgrades for Brew Town, here is a list of the upgrade levels for your Warehouse:

1. Cruddy Container
Capacity: 1,500 Bottles
Price: Free

2. Shoddy Shed
Capacity: 3,000 Bottles
Price: $9,900

3. Cheap Cache
Capacity: 9,000 Bottles
Price: $39,600

4. Basic Barn
Capacity: 12,000 Bottles
Price: $148,500

5. Simple Stash
Capacity: 21,000 Bottles
Price: $564,300

6. Dependable Depot
Capacity: 33,000 Bottles
Price: $2,138,400

7. Grand Garage
Capacity: 54,000 Bottles
Price: $5,405,400

8. Splendid Storage
Capacity: 87,000 Bottles
Price: $7,543,800

9. Remarkable Reserve
Capacity: 141,000 Bottles
Price: $12,949,200

10. Ridiculous Repository
Capacity: 228,000 Bottles
Price: $20,493,000

11. Supreme Storehouse
Capacity: 369,000 Bottles
Price: $33,442,200

12. World Class Warehouse
Capacity: 900,000 Bottles
Price: $53,935,200

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