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How to Increase the Heart Rating of Your Beer?

How to Increase the Heart Rating of Your Beer?
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To improve your beer in general, all you have to do is spend some time doing Research in your Brew Lab.

To get starting in upgrading your beer to become the best beer, here are the steps:
1. Tap on your Brew Lab
2. Select the beer you want to upgrade
3. Tap on the Research button
4. Select the type of ingredients you’d want to use for this particular upgrade
5. Practice your skill at timing with the three Beer Research process.
6. Tap on the Brew Lab once again as soon as you see the beer icon shaking floating above the Brew Lab

Note: If you are satisfied with your beer design, tap on the “Looks Good” button. If not, tap on the “Design Bottle” option

Quick Brew Town Tip: While the type of your Design may not affect the level of profit you can make with your beer, investing on your beer design will help you get good feedback from other players around the world through the Hops or Not event. Aside from earning an additional Hop, your beer design may also be featured in Brew Town’s website and/or Facebook page.

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