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Brew Town Brewhouses

Brew Town Brewhouses
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For any kind of beer, having all those hops and investing all those time in research won’t do any good if you won’t get to put those to work by brewing those ingredients.

In Brew Town, Brewhouses are one of the most importants facilities available in the game. In fact, it covers the largest area in town! In the beginning there won’t be any brewhouse available for free for you to start brewing. You will have to spend some of your cash to begin brewing.

Of course, your patience and diligence will be put to test mostly with Brewhouses since you will only have a very few brewhouses (thanks to your starting budget of course!) to work with. Aside from one or two brewhouses that you will be able to build at the start, each brewhouses will only be able to brew 50 Litres of your beer at a time.

Quick Brew Town Tip: When you already have several types of beers available and a consistent flow of orders coming on deciding what beer to brew can be overwhelming. To help you decide, always visit your Headquarters to take on Job Orders so all your brews will help you achieve a specific objective and no beer will go to waste by just taking up space in your Warehouse.

Brew Town Brewhouses

Another way to maximize your brewing process, be sure to upgrade your Warehouse first (to the maximum if possible). Doing this will allow you to keep brewing any kind of beer without worrying about running out of space in your warehouse.

To guide you as you perform Brew Town upgrades, check out this list of available upgrades for your brewhouse.

1. Budget Brewhouse
Capacity: 50 Litres

2. Bland Brewhouse
Capacity: 150 Litres
Price: $4,850

3. Better Brewhouse
Capacity: 200 Litres
Price: $59,400

4. Bulky Brewhouse
Capacity: 350 Litres
Price: $222,750

5. Beautiful Brewhouse
Capacity: 550 Litres
Price: $846,450

6. Boss Brewhouse
Capacity: 900 Litres
Price: $2,138,400

7. Brilliant Brewhouse
Capacity: 1,450 Litres
Price: $2,984,850

8. Bountiful Brewhouse
Capacity: 2,350 Litres
Price: $5,123,250

9. Blinding Brewhouse
Capacity: 3,800 Litres
Price: $8,108,100

10. Bonzer Brewhouse
Capacity: 6,150 Litres
Price: $13,231,350

11. Big League Brewhouse
Capacity: 9,950 Litres
Price: $21,339,450

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