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Whenever you’re out with friends chugging out some beer forms a huge part of every night out. But ever wondered how that famous social brew is made? If so, then this is the chance to get down to the nitty-gritty of crafting that special brew and understand what goes behind the process of getting that chilled bottle of beer right to the glass in front of you.

In the simulation game Brew Town players take on the role of a start-up owner of a brewery. But setting out to put that beer on the shelves, through Brew Town, starts from harvesting those Hops to bottling them, and even to delivering them to the warehouse and to your respective bar.

But what does it really take to set up a successful brewery? This guide will show you quick tips to get your brewery on the road to success and earn your first million quickly!

Read on to find out what a start-up brewmaster needs to know to build a successful brewery!

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