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What are Fire Sales?

What are Fire Sales?
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Everytime you finish bottling your brew, all those processed bottles are stored in your Warehouse. Fire Sales is an opportunity for you to sell extra bottles of beer at a discounted price.

Quick Brew Town Tip: Aside from earning extra cash, holding Fire Sales is an efficient way to create some space in your Warehouse whenever you are told that your warehouse is full and when you badly need that space for the bottles needed for a client’s job order.

Another Brew Town Tip: When your Warehouse is full and you are ready to hold a Fire Sale, select the beer bottles that are not part of the job order you are currently trying to fulfill.

How to launch a Fire Sale?

1. Tap on your Warehouse
2. Select the type of beer you wish to put on sale
3. Select the Fire Sale button
4. Determine the number of bottles you wish to sell by tapping the right arrow button to increase the number, and the left arrow button to decrease the number.

What are Fire Sales?
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