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Brew Town Headquarters

Once your brew bottles are ready for shipping, you will have to proceed to your Headquarters for two things:

a. Accept job orders
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b. Select clients to deliver the goods to

To maximize productivity, one of the best brew town tips is to make sure that your Headquarters is / has been upgraded. Doing so will increase the number of delivery vehicles that will open a good stream of delivery and of course, income as well.

When upgrading your Headquarters, spending or paying a fee won’t be necessary. What you will need in order to upgrade your headquarters will be the number of successful deliveries of beer bottles.
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Guide Image

Here is a list of the level of upgrades for your Headquarters:

1.Level 1
Inclusion: 2 delivery vehicles
Requirement: Sell 7,500 bottles

2. Level 2
Inclusion: 2 delivery vehicles
Requirement: Sell 30,000 bottles

3. Level 3
Inclusion: 3 delivery vehicles
Requirement: Sell 112,500 bottles

4. Level 4
Inclusion: 3 delivery vehicles
Requirements: Sell 427,500 bottles


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