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Increasing the Quality of Hops

Increasing the Quality of Hops
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While keeping close watch of the available Hops on your farm is crucial, the more important thing to take care of is having better quality of Hops. The higher the quality of the Hops your Farm will produce will, in turn, provide you benefits like multiplying your profits etc. And the higher your profits the easier it will be for you to gather enough money for various upgrades.

Quick Brew Town Tip: Whenever you will upgrade your Hops, all your buildings and upgrades will be discarded so be very strategic when deciding to when are going to upgrade any building. Ideally, it is best to invest in tons of upgrades when you’ve upgraded your Hops enough.

Increasing the Quality of Hops

1. Value Hops

These are the Hops that you will work on as you start the game.

2. Fancy Hops

Profit Multiplier: x2
Description: Now we’re talking! Discovered by a lost italian farmer trying to find his way home after a particular heavy evening in the village. These have a crisp, citrus aroma and are twice as effective as value Hops.

Bottle 1,000 bottles
Research a beer with $8 profit
Brew 3 Beers simultaneously

3. Insta Hops

Profit Multiplier: X3

Bottle 3,000 bottles
Research a beer with $16 profit
Own 5 Brewhouses

4. Crypto Hops

Profit Multiplier: X4
Description: Mined rather than grown. The value of Crypto Hops has risen exponentially recently. No brewer has any doubt this will continue indefinitely. So get on now! The only way is up.

Bottle 10,000 bottles
Research a beer with $24 profit
Unlock 4 recipes

4. Gold Plated Hops

Profit Multiplier: X5
Description: A little Ostentatious. The Golden Hops aren’t actually made from gold. That would be silly. But their golden colour does lend a certain something to your brews and is a big hit with customers! A worthwhile upgrade.

Bottle 25,000 bottles
Research a beer with $5 profit
Tap 20 limos

5. Flaming Hops

Profit Multiplier: X5
Description: Add a little spice to your brews! The result of a particularly clumsy scientific experiment in the late 1960s. Flaming Hops are actually part habanero pepper. Customers love gimmicky additions.

Bottle 50,000 bottles
Research a beer with $40 profit
Fully upgrade 6 common upgrades

6. Higgs Hops

Profit Multiplier: X7
Description: The scientists at Cern, Switzerland can get a little bored spending all that time underground. The Higgs Hop is the result of firing normal hops towards each other at beyond the speed of light using the large hadron colider.

Bottle 75,000 bottles
Research a beer with $48 profit
Tap 40 Drones

7. Plutonium Hops

Profit Multiplier: X8
Description: There have been some reports that adding hops infused with plutonium to beer is a health hazard. However, this has been decried as 'fake news'by a variety of brewing blogges based in Russia, so it's probably fine.

Bottle 125,000 bottles
Purchase 7 Recipes
Have 35,000 bottles in stock

8. Unobtanium Hops

Profit Multiplier: X9
Description: The Holy Grail of all brew masters. The Unobtanium Hops have been genetically engineered to deliver perfectly balanced flavours for any beer. Ensure every beer in your arsenal is a runaway success!

Bottle 250,000 bottles
Purchase 8 Recipes
Brew 150 batches

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