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Blue Archive is a military strategy RPG that takes place in the academy city of Kivotos where players take the role of an advisor to the Federal Investigation Club (Schale) and will be tasked in resolving a myriad of incidents that happen within the academy city. Aside from the standard story campaign and Mission stages, there are also other battle modes available in Blue Archive. In our Total Assault guide, we will cover how this mode works and what rewards you can obtain from them.

What is Total Assault

Total Assault is a mode where you can pit your teams against a featured boss in increasing levels of difficulty. These bosses are incredibly powerful and will require the proper preparations like selecting the ideal team that can take advantage of the boss’ defense type and terrain bonuses. This mode is unlocked after clearing Mission 4-1 (Normal).

Total Assault runs on a limited season, usually around two weeks per season. During an active season, players can use Tickets to challenge these bosses up to three times a day. These tickets are automatically replenished during the game’s scheduled daily reset. Once the season ends, the boss will become unavailable to make way for the tallying of results. During this period, players can check if they managed to land a decent bracket in the rankings.

The bosses you’ll face will be rotated every season. Players will receive rewards, based on their ranking in the server-wide leaderboards. Their accrued points and winning against the boss will determine their ranking. Rewards include trophies, TACs (Total Assault Coins), and of course, pyroxene.
Total Assault

Total Assault Basics

Players will start off at the lowest difficulty setting when facing a boss. After defeating it, they can try conquering said boss at the next higher difficulty. Thankfully, there’s a Mock Battle feature that players can use to test their team setup against the boss without consuming a ticket. If ever your team got wiped out by the boss (and if there’s still some time remaining), you can select new team members and re-enter the ongoing boss battle. TIckets are not consumed when re-entering a battle.
Total Assault

After each victory, you’ll earn Total Assault Coins. You can use this currency to purchase useful items in the Lobby Shop like Elephs, booster tickets, EX Skill level up mats, and tech notes. After clearing a difficulty once, you can use the Sweep function instead to instantly finish the battle (without actually fighting the boss) and earn your TACs (Total Assault Coins) effortlessly. Take note that you still have to manually clear a Total Assault Boss once daily in order to unlock the Sweep feature once again.

This concludes our Total Assault Guide for Blue Archive. For more Blue Archive content, please check out our other pages within this guide.

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