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Student Types and Roles

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Blue Archive is a military strategy RPG that takes place in the academy city of Kivotos where players take the role of an advisor to the Federal Investigation Club (Schale) and will be tasked in resolving a myriad of incidents that happen within the academy city. Students play a pivotal role in the game as they're your individual units with various roles, strengths, weaknesses, and of course, personality. In our Student Roles Guide, we will discuss the various roles of students and how they can help in forming viable teams for different missions and battlefields.

Blue Archive has a large number of students with their own specializations and roles. Knowing the basics of some of their stats will help you determine the best team composition and which ones to include in specific missions. You’ll know the student’s role by checking their profile screen, as shown below.

Student Types and Roles

Strikers vs Specialists

Students are divided into two categories: Strikers and Special(ists). Strikers are the four students you can deploy on the field and will do the actual combat. Special students are the two students providing offscreen support such as covering fire, heal, buffs, etc. Additionally, the stats and level of the Special students affect the stat buffs they provide to the entire Striker team.

Student Roles

The five different roles are the following:

Role Description
Tank These are frontline combatants that have high HP, evasion, and/or DEF. Their role in the battlefield is to get up close and personal, withstanding enemy attacks through the use of barriers, self-buffs, and self-heals. Some tank skills also taunt or stun enemies. Tanks are ideal for protecting your vulnerable allies.
Dealer Dealers are your main DPS units who excel at dealing high damage to enemies. Dealers are usually at the back but some dealers can occupy the midlane too. Dealers are not especially known for their survivability so having a tank is essential to keep the heat off of them, especially if the deployed tank character can taunt enemies.
Healer As their name suggests, healers take care of keeping your team alive through direct healing and other buffs like boosted DEF or providing barriers. It’s recommended to have at least one healer in a team. Healers are usually Special students though some Striker students have access to on-field healing skills.
Support These are characters who provide various buffs to allies, debuffs to enemies, or inflict Crowd Control effects. Majority of the support units are Special characters but there are also a good number of support Striker units.
Tactical Support (T.S.) These are students who support their allies using powerful weapons.

Roles are permanent to the students and can’t be changed. As much as possible, always aim to have a tank and a healer, then play around with the other slots by adding at least two dealers and additional support, preferably those that can inflict crowd-control effects to enemies. However, you can still build a team depending on your favorite students. As long as they get the job done, you can do whatever you want as you see fit.

Student Types and Roles

This concludes our basic guide for student roles in Blue Archive. For more Blue Archive content, please check out our other pages within this guide.

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