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Student Profile Screen Basics

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Blue Archive is a military strategy RPG that takes place in the academy city of Kivotos where players take the role of an advisor to the Federal Investigation Club (Schale) and will be tasked in resolving a myriad of incidents that happen within the academy city. Students play a pivotal role in the game as they're your individual units with various roles, strengths, weaknesses, and of course, personality. In this page, you will learn the different stats and facts that you’ll see in a student’s profile page.

Blue Archive has a large number of students with their own specializations and roles. Knowing the basics of some of their stats will help you determine the best team composition and which ones to include in specific missions. Please refer to the annotated images below for more information.
Student Profile Screen Basics

1. Student Information
This section is fairly straightforward; it shows the student’s school (affiliation), type (striker or special), student’s name, stars, affinity rank, level, and level up progress. You can also view the character in full screen and even check their bio.

You can only check the character’s image full screen if you have them in your roster; for students you don’t own, you can’t view their full screen image and their profile can be read on the second tab of their basic info.

2. Basic Stats
The four basic stats will be displayed here. Press “Details” to view all the stats of the character. The stats are the following:
Health Points; if the student’s HP reaches 0, she’ll be evacuated from the battlefield.
This stat determines how much damage a student can deal to enemies. This damage will be affected by skill and terrain bonuses or penalties.
The more DEF a student has, the less damage she takes. This is further enhanced by allied or self buffs.
This stat determines the effectiveness of their recovery, barrier, etc.
Higher accuracy means the student lands more attacks instead of missing them.
This stat increases the chances of a student successfully evading incoming attacks.
This stat affects the chance of the student landing a critical hit.
Crit DMG
This stat determines the amount of damage a critical hit inflicts.
The higher a student’s stability is, the more likely they’ll be able to deal maximum damage.
Range of Fire
This stat determines the maximum distance a student can attack from.
Crowd Control Power
This stat affects the chance of enemies getting hit by the student’s crowd control effects like stun, fear, burn, etc.
Crowd Control RES
This stats determines the resistance of enemies from enemy crowd control effects.
Cost Recovery
This affects the speed at which the cost of Skill Cards are recovered.
Outdoor Combat Power
Determines the student’s combat prowess when fighting in an outdoor (Field) warfare
Indoor Combat Power
Determines the student’s combat prowess when fighting in an Indoor warfare
Street Combat Power
Determines the student’s combat prowess when fighting in a street (urban) warfare

3. This section displays the student’s role and preferred position in the field, attack type, defense type, and terrain boosts/penalties. We will cover these topics in depth in their own individual pages within this guide so please check them out.

4. This section displays the student’s skills. Each student has four skills available: EX, Basic, Enhanced, and Sub. All students will start with two skills (EX and Basic). The other skills need to be unlocked by increasing the student’s stars through the Unlock Mystic process. You can also level up the student’s skills by tapping the Level Up button to the right. We will have a dedicated page for skills so please check them out as well.

5. This section displays the student’s equipment. Their weapon type is displayed and cannot be changed. There are three equipment/accessory slots as well; each slot will be unlocked as you level up the student. Students have a fixed accessory type that you can only equip to them. These equipment can be farmed, leveled up, and upgraded to the next tier. We will have a dedicated page for skills so kindly check that out in our guide as well.

6. The Level Up tab is where you can use Activity Reports and credits to give EXP points to the student. Spend the required amount of reports for the student to gain a level and permanently increase their stats. You can also conveniently tap the Auto Select to automatically assign the exact number of reports needed to increase the student’s level by 1.
Student Profile Screen Basics

7. The Unlock Mystic tab is where you can increase the stars of a student. The student’s default stars indicate their quality, with 1-star students common, 2-star students as uncommon, and 3-star students as rare. Increasing the character’s stars will give them the following benefits:
* Permanent basic stat increase
* New skills unlocked (Enhanced - 3rd slot, and Sub - 4th slot)
* Increased relationship level

Increasing a student’s star will require Elephs and credits. Elephs are obtained through the recruitment process and by purchasing them directly from the shop. We will discuss this process in depth in a dedicated page within the guide as well.
Student Profile Screen Basics

This concludes our basic guide about the various tabs and sections you’ll find in the student profile screen. For more Blue Archive content, please check out our other pages within this guide.

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