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Student Skill Guide

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Blue Archive is a military strategy RPG that takes place in the academy city of Kivotos where players take the role of an advisor to the Federal Investigation Club (Schale) and will be tasked in resolving a myriad of incidents that happen within the academy city. Students play a pivotal role in the game as they're your individual units with various roles, strengths, weaknesses, and of course, personality. In our Student Skill Guide, we will quickly discuss how to manage your students’ skills and help you decide which ones to prioritize.

If you’ve played RPG games before, then you should already be familiar with the concept of character skills and leveling them up. In Blue Archive, skills play a vital role in a student’s performance. Not only that, but skills also help determine a student’s role and even their value in the battlefield. That’s why certain characters are better than others - primarily because of how overpowered and/or useful their skills are.

Skill Types

Each character in Blue Archive has four different skill types; one that you actively triggered while the others are automatic or passive skills.. You can find this by viewing the student’s profile, as shown below. You can also tap on the individual skill icons to see their individual descriptions, values, and multipliers.
Student Skill Guide
Skill Type
EX Skill
This is your character’s main combat skill that can be activated manually or automatically (depending on your battle mode) EX Skills are quite powerful and will have a Cost.
Basic Skill
This skill is automatically activated after a brief period of time. Basic skills can range from auto-attacking/damaging enemies or applying self or party-wide buffs that lasts for a limited time.
Enhanced Skill
This is a passive skill type that usually provides stat boosts.
Sub Skill
This is a skill type that varies in effect but like the other non-EX skills, you don’t need to manually activate/ deactivate this skill to benefit from its effect. Some Sub Skills are conditional, activating when certain conditions are met like when taking cover, reloading, taking damage, inflicting damage, etc. On the other hand, some sub skills just provide additional stat boosts like what an Enhanced Skill does.

Locked Skill Slots

Take note that a student’s star will determine the number of skills accessible to her by default. Please refer to the table below.
Student Skill Guide
Student Rarity
Locked Skills
2 (Enhanced and Sub)
1 (Sub)
None; all skills are unlocked by default.

Locked skill slots can be unlocked by increasing the student’s quality/rarity through the “Unlock Mystic” process. This is the last tab in the student’s profile page. You’ll need to exchange the required amount of Elephs and credits to complete the process. You can obtain character-specific Elephs by Recruiting them.
Student Skill Guide

You can also exchange Eligma (Eleph essences) via the Eligma shop for character Elephs. Take note that the amount of Eligma required for Elephs will increase as you buy more of them.
Student Skill Guide

Upgrading Skills

You can level up skills to further improve their effects and values. For EX Skills, you’ll need to use Tactical Training Blu-Ray while for the other skills, you’ll need Tech Notes. As the skill level increases, the next level up will require a higher amount and/or better grade version of the consumables. Additional materials like Mandrake Egg, Wolfsegg Steel, Rohonc Codex Page, etc will be required for Skill LV3 or above.

Take note that the Blu-rays and Tech Notes are also faction-specific, meaning you can ONLY use the variants of these consumables that match the student’s faction. For example, you can only use Millennium Tech Notes on Millennium students.

To know where you can obtain these consumables, simply tap the materials’ icon then tap the Shortcut button for the game to take you directly to the stage where you can farm the materials.
Student Skill Guide

This concludes our Student Skill Guide for Blue Archive. For more Blue Archive content, please check out our other pages within this guide.

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